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Sunday, September 28, 2008

We are so Easily Amused...

I enjoy watching the squirrels play in the trees around our house. In the back yard, there are a few that will playfully taunt our dog, Gracie, by making barking noises. The only issue is that these squirrels also like to steal bird seed from the feeders, and my wife is none too pleased when this occurs.

Our neighbor suggested we mix in a little cayenne pepper in with the birdseed; turns out that birds can't smell and the pepper doesn't bother them at all. Squirrels on the other hand...
So this was the scene. Ms. Squirrel was on the tree trying to figure out how to get into the top of one of our bird feeders. And then she got a good snort of the cayenne pepper! In addition to sneezing several times, she rubbed her nose on the bark to clear her nostrils. Good times.

Attention PETA: No birds were harmed in the writing of this blog.


maureen said...

You're nuts!

Dave said...

You're nuts!

You think I'm nuts, you ought to see some of the squirrels in our back yard...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I sprayed my tomato plant with cayenne mixed with water and it worked! No one (cept me) went near it - well, except someone (I'm thinking squirrel) ate the bottom off a tomato that was out of the spray zone.

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