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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lunch Report: Mama Margie's...

Someone alert the media; we've been out to eat again!This afternoon following a vigorous morning of garage sailing, we found ourselves in need of some vittles. Turns out, during one of our stops at a garage sale, a lady had mentioned the new Mama Margie's in Alamo Ranch, and that was the only hint we needed to get over and see the place.

We have enjoyed MM at I-10 and Wurzbach for years - the food is superior to Taco Cabana and service is much faster. This new one doesn't disappoint on either count.
The place is a lot more wide open and allows a crowd of folks to stand around and look at the menu; and they need the space. Since opening, every time we have driven by, the place has been packed. In fact, we had to park in the lot being built for the new shopping center behind it. Don't let the packed parking lot scare you; friends have told us, and we experienced lickity split service. My wife and a friend of ours both got Chalupas. I didn't try it but my wife reports the beans were fresh and good. Of course, MM's has the little condiment station so you can go up and grab all assortment of jalapenos, chopped onions, and salsas of every variety to top off your food.I went with the beef fajita platter. Caution, that platter is hot! When you get the fajitas they are still sizzling good and the grilled onions and pepper simply add to the flavor. After finishing my first fajita taco I complained that it was hot in the restaurant but my wife pointed out that I was giving myself a full facial by hovering over the steaming plate of fajitas. The plate comes with choice of beans (I went with Boracho to match my personality) and rice. Both were good but the highlight is the awesome beef fajitas.We didn't indulge, but reports from friends and neighbors are that the margaritas are out of this world. Perhaps we'll give 'em a try next time we go back - and we will definitely go soon. For fast service, great Mexican food and more competition to keep the other restaurants in the area on their toes, Mama Margie's is a Tasty Treat.


Anon E. Mouse said...

They are building a NEW Mama Margie's out on Culebra, just outside Loop 1604, right next to Bill Miller's and Sonic Drive-in. This would be across from the Alamo Ranch Retail Center, right before you would turn right to take the back road to Walmart.

maureen said...

I think that's the one he gave himself a full facial at. LOL that was funny.

Dave said...

This would be across from the Alamo Ranch Retail Center,

Oh, we'll have to try that one, too!

muse said...

I love their tortillas, Mama Margies is sooooo much better than the Cabana!

deep forest said...

yeah but if you go to the one on SW Military be prepared to fight your way out (lol)....

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