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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Strange in 78250

I saw four funny things today and have pictures of three. I could have taken a picture of the fourth funny thing, but between laughing and not wanting to create a scene, I failed to get the picture off in time. I'll describe it to you.

We were leaving a garage sale when a couple walked up. The man was pretty tall and looked as though he had lost some weight. He may have actually been ill, but that isn't important. Because of his height, his shirt only went down as far as his waist. If he had been a heavier fellow, his belly would have bulged out below the shirt. But we were not looking at him from the front. His shorts were a little too loose for his waist and as a result, he was wearing them very low. The combination of the shirt not going far enough down, his shorts falling below his hips (sort of like a hood-rat trying to show off his boxers), and the fact that he was sans-underpants resulted in a clear view of plumber's-crack. Okay, crack is an inadequate word. We were mooned!
Okay, this is strange. It is natural actually, but we don't see it everyday. Look in the center of the picture under the white chair. Yes, that is a little cat with a big bird in his mouth. The bird was none too pleased and was letting the cat know it. Not sure who won.I have a collection of bumper and rear window stickers I've been snapping as I drive around. I just haven't done anything with them. This one made us giggle. Apparently, the father is no longer part of the team.Finally, in the "What not to Wear" category. My wife tells me if I ever go out in public looking like this, she'll shoot me. Considering the alternative of the guy with his pasty white ass hanging out, I'd say this guy isn't all that strange.

PETA: No cats were harmed in the blogging of this event, though at least one bird may have been dinner.


Albatross said...

The minus Dad picture made me wince a little.


muse said...

Wish I could have seen the detail in the Cat pic...sorry about the moon...I thought the full moon was the 15th?

Dave said...

Wish I could have seen the detail in the Cat pic

If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can get a pretty good shot of the bird minding his own buisness in the cat's mouth...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That sticker on the van is too much. If I was the sticker-y type (I'm not), I think I would have just scraped off the entire sticker.

Deep forest said...

Inca Doves are known to be fast but not too bright. Just ask the cat.......

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