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Friday, September 12, 2008

Traffic Changes

I've mentioned before that there is some traffic work planned along Culebra Road as well was Timber Path - the two roads I take to get out of the GNW and off to work. So far it has been just some prep-work, including closing off the turn-only lanes, effectively creating bottlenecks at the intersections of Culebra and 410 and in the other direction, Culebra and Potranco.

Prior to school starting back up, the traffic was just light enough that you could still get through with only minimal frustration. But now that school has started, it takes numerous cycles of the traffic lights to go what is really maybe a half mile.
This was my view, sitting in the parking lot of Culebra at Potranco. I suspect it will only get worse.Oh, and remember when I mentioned that bad turn on Callahan Road near Southwest Research Institute? I guess this guy just didn't feel like taking the turn.

How's your traffic?

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Deep Forest said...

You forgot to add that they're taking out the median between Potranco and 410 on Culebra. I sure hope that they're going to put some other kind of barrier there. Otherwise you'll have jerks doing a u-turn in that area.

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