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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Turn Report: Callahan Road...

When I was stationed in southern Italy, we had this bridge just outside the base on SS16 that was referred to as the "S" Bridge because along an otherwise straight roadway, they built a bridge over a railroad, but it was in the shape of an "S" (kinda). The road then continued straight there on. Who knows why? Supposedly, that stretch of road was one of the deadliest sections of highway in the country and in Southern Europe, or at least, that is what they told us.

Though not nearly as deadly, probably because the speed limit is only 40 as opposed to "whatever you can handle", I drive along a stretch of road here in San Antonio each day on my way to and from work, and seriously, there is a wreck there at least a several times a month.
This is what Callahan Road between Culebra and Commerce looks like, just outside of Southwest Research Institute.And of course, today there was another mishap, though by normal standards, this was a mere "mishap". Usually, someone goes through the fence at SWRI, and a day or two later, it is repaired.Here is the ironic thing about it. The government pays SWRI millions of dollars a year to research various things, or private industry or organizations like Consumer Reports pays them to test all these different things. Why don't the fine folks at SWRI publish a paper on the obvious danger of Callahan Road just outside their fence line, and simply show the number of times each month cars fly through the fence? Wouldn't they have the receipts?

Further, perhaps they could come up with some form of government subsidy that I might qualify for to recover the amount of pain and suffering I endure each time my trip to or from work is delayed by these silly accidents. I'z gots ta get paid!

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