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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dinner Report: Happy Guy...

My wife was in the mood for Chinese food this evening and here absolute favorite is Happy Guy located on Culebra at Rim Rock Trail. I have never been disappointed there but I'm just am not a huge fan of Chinese or any Asian food. My daughter used to work at Panda Express and I would seriously just chow down on the leftovers, especially anything hot and spicy, until I was stuffed; then I'd be hungry again an hour later. But aside from free Asian food, I could just as soon go for a Whataburger.Anyway, the place looks the same as it did last time I was there, probably a year ago, and the staff is always friendly. The prices during lunch are very reasonable - I mean, you can stuff your gullet for under $5.00. At dinner they raise the prices but it seems as though the serving doubles in size.We both started off with the Egg Drop soup, and of course, I don't know what those fried things are, but you have to put them in the soup for the full taste. The soup was served hot and tasty.My wife went with an order of Lemon Chicken. The thing about their chicken is, it comes in full, thick pieces with a light and non-greasy crust. The rice is great and she really enjoys the sauce.I had a combo platter of sweet & sour chicken (same yummy chicken, different sauce) and the Mongolian beef which is spicy, but not in anyway offensively hot. I won't show you the evidence, but I am a member of the "Clean Plate Club".Our plates come with a egg rolls, but we both opted for the crab meat Rangoon. I don;t think there is really any crab meat involved - I have always thought it was cream cheese wrapped in some Chinese dough and fried. Either way, not burnt like some places I have been, and that is a good thing.By the way, in case you haven't learned Chinese characters from watching the Olympics, the good people here are kind enough to have the No Smoking sign in both languages.My wife loves the place and I like the quality service and fair prices. Add in great food and you've got yourself a Tasty Treat. Give it a try and tell me how you liked Happy Guy.
UPDATE: I forgot to post pictures of the all important fortune cookie... My nephew Diego requires the evidence! Cookies and orange slices for dessert - yum!


Anonymous said...

We agree with your comments. My family and I were there tonight also, I saw the camera flash and looked around. I told my husband that's Dave, the guy that blogs about restaurants and the GNW. Thanks for the, sometimes humorous, reports!

Dave said...

What? No requests for autographs or posing with a mouth full of Mongolian Beef? I guess I haven't made it to the big leagues yet!

Thanks for the comment... I think. ;)

Anonymous said...

Eva says:

OMgoodness hopefully you didn't see me do my happy dance. If I really like the food I tend to dance in my seat:). I hadn't eaten lunch since I was craving Happy Guy and once I got it .. It made me happy so I had to do my daughters Happy Guy dance. So much food. Guess what I am having for lunch?(wiggle ,wiggle)

Anonymous said...

.........diego wants to know:what about the fortune cookie...its the best treat big david...next time take pictue of cookie...diego

Anonymous said...

Eva Says:

Diego Our Cookies actually came on a plate with a few orange slices??? Most people just give you a mint. Guess we looked like we were lacking in Vitamin C.That's why you should always eat fruit:).

Dave said...

See the picture of oranges and cookies!

fwilson said...

My family truly enjoyed this 'hole in the wall' restaurant. The waitress was very friendly and good with kids. The food was good and inexpensive. I found myself doing the Happy Dance. It's nice to have a good Chinese Restaurant on the West-side. Now if we could get an Indian Restaurant closure than the Medical Center....

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