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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Loss of GNWCIA Director Guy D. Pucci...

Eva and I were saddened to learn late last night that Guy D. Pucci, a Director on the Board of the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association, has passed away. No real details at the moment other than he seems to have died of natural causes at his home in Ridge Creek.

Guy D. was a frequent visitor and left comments here in spite of the fact that in several of the original posts on this Blog, I questioned his lawsuit against the association. Okay, I said it was frivolous waste of money.

In the last year or so since then, having gotten to know and occasionally do volunteer projects with Guy, I have learned that he was a man of action and not mere words. Not more than a month ago, he and I had a conversation about the fact that we both lived in the community for years before ever demonstrating any interest in what the association did, as long as things seemed to be running smoothly. I think most residents can appreciate that attitude. It was not until, as a resident, he personally felt that things weren't running smoothly and he chose to take action in the form of a lawsuit and running for and winning election to the board.

Since that time, Guy has put in an unimaginable number of hours volunteering his time for association related projects including spearheading efforts to enhance security, taking on the responsibilities as the voting officer in the last election, and where I saw him most, helping out with painting, raking, and picking up trash as a member of the A-Team. But he did so much more behind the scenes.
Our last series of conversations and e-mails revolved around Guy's proposals for a greater Great Northwest. As outlined in his published response to the association, granted as part of the lawsuit settlement, Guy used the editorial to describe improvements and ideas on how to benefit all residents. He had suggestions for meeting the needs of homeowners who may violate deed restrictions by assisting them with finding locally owned businesses who could provide substantial discounts on lawn services, simply for being a GNW resident. He wanted to use the power of this large block of voters (The GNW is, I believe, the largest neighborhood association in the city) not only to garner services from the City of San Antonio, but from the business community that thrives from our buying power. And yes, I agreed with his suggestions. You can read his complete editorial in the July 2008 Passages.

At this point, I'm not aware of any arrangements. Guy was single but his father, Mr. Ben Pucci (yes, the former professional football player and childhood friend of Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola) is also a resident of the Great Northwest, and we send our condolences to him and the family.

The board has cancelled their Thursday, 21 August meeting, and will probably have it next Thursday.

UPDATE: Funeral Arrangements:
  • Tuesday, August 26:
  • 9:00 Visitation
  • 9:30 Rosary
  • 10:00 Funeral
Prince of Peace Catholic Church
7893 Grissom

For more information: www.meadowlawn.net

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Anon E. Mouse said...

Just received word that the next BoD meeting will be the normal Executive meeting on September 4th.

Also, heard that the family may be holding church service next Tuesday morning with a Rosary at 9:45am followed by a Mass at 10am, but this schedule is subject to change.

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