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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Capri Update: Men Still Do Not Wear Them...

I thought we had established this rule before, regardless of how European you feel, men are not authorized to wear Capri's.It isn't that styles don't change, and certainly, men have been known to wear all matters of shorts, Bermuda shorts, and even occasional high-waters, but blatant wear of Capri's by men should be discouraged.


Anonymous said...

You're really going to hate to hear what's coming next:


RB said...

Dave, moving to Germany after retirement I was subjected to viewing the capri craze quite often. What I really enjoyed was the American GI men trying to sport these fashion don'ts. I would assume it's really hard to say hoohah and kick some ass while wearing them.

sapphire said...

I wonder where he put his murse, and did it accessorize well? I mean, everything goes with black, but one can never be too careful. Even the guy behind the counter is like, "Seriously, dude?"

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