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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Super Target in Alamo Ranch...

It isn't like we haven't been into a Super Target before - after all, they have one just up the street at Bandera Pointe and another over off of Highway 151 and Loop 410, but now that we have our very own in Alamo Ranch, I might actually go there from time to time.

If you have been down to 1604 and Culebra, you can already feel the influx of traffic in just the past month or so. No, it isn't 1604 and Bandera bad or heaven forbid, 1604 and 281 horrendous, but still, you get the feeling that as more of these stores open, people fed up with the nightmare of trying to get through the choke point that is Braun and 1604, people will take advantage of the slightly better traffic situation on Culebra and Alamo Ranch.

So, enough about traffic. If you are like us and have put off going to the Super Target, there are a few reasons to give it a try. But I must caution you: the people who designed the parking lot layout at Alamo Ranch are probably descendants of the idiots who designed most of San Antonio's ill conceived, not even thought-out, traffic patterns (see the aforementioned 1604 and 281 comment). So as you drive through, be aware that at some intersections, there are stop signs, and some there aren't, but neither is intuitive. I predict numerous near-misses, crushed fenders and splatted pedestrians before someone figures out that allowing the parking lot planners to drink beer during their lunch hour is a bad idea.
Once you have safely parked, you are free to move about the lot, cautiously! Welcome to Super Target.Okay, nothing special but I do need to point out two important things: The baskets and the carts. I think someone told me these shopping carts are like a fine Mercedes, and I have to report that I concur! Talk about a smooth ride. And no sharp edges for kids to get all scraped up on.Inside the store, the place was clean and well lit (of course). One of the downfalls (in my mind anyway) is that when I go into and Target, I feel like I am somehow being hypnotized. Am I the only one? Between the florescent lights, the red patterns and flying youngsters overhead, I just feel my head start to spin.Or maybe I just feel a little overwhelmed by not getting all the hip fashions and stuff. I do confess to liking Target's TV ads - I think they do a great job of making me feel like I need to get some of whatever it is they sell. But here is where I have to draw the line. Seriously. San Antonio is perpetually on the fattest city in America list. Who do the fine people at Super Target think is going to fit on this couch? I saw a lady at a taco place today who wouldn't have been able to get one of her thighs on this seat without some car jacks on either side to hold up the flesh. And for $199.99? Seriously?But in spite of Super Target being a little more upper scale than the Wal Mart I normally attend, I'm glad to see they still cater to common folk who are free to come in and shop comfortably, without bothering to shave their backs and shoulders. That's hospitality.Finally, if I hadn't given you plenty of reasons to visit, it is official, the Starbucks in Super Target is the closest one to my house, and my wife is pretty happy about that.


sapphire said...

Buggies By Benz is what I called them one day. They are sweet! But other than that, it's really just a Super-Target. Has Eva tried Joe Muggs over at BAM? It's pretty good! Those poor kids behind the counter are lost, though! Maybe in a few weeks they'll have the menu memorized. Once you get your drink, though, it's tasty!!

Dave said...

Has Eva tried Joe Muggs over at BAM?

Yea - I meant to even make note of that. We have been in several times - even bought the membership that basically allows you to print off free coffee coupons.

The complaint is: They have what is I suppose one of those Starbuck-like drinks "Tall Carmel Frappachino" but you have to ask for the Joe Muggs version so as not to be involved in any copy write infringement or something.

Sooooo, long story short, the first time she ordered it, she said it tasted like there was no coffee in it at all! Next time around, she asked, "Does it have coffee?" and they said, "If you ask for it, otherwise it is vanilla."

So, if we happen to be in BAM looking for a book, I'm sure I may have the free cup of regular coffee, but we'll probably still have to stroll down to Target to the Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Eva says:)
When you go to BAM. Make sure you ask for vanilla base or coffee base.They do them vanilla base unless you specify.Vanilla taste like a shake.I only allow myself to go once a week so I have to make sure where ever I order it from it is correct.I am not a target person so I am sure BAM will get most of my business if I am in that area. I prefer the one on Potranco and 1604 since it is on my way home from shopping or 151 and 410 since it is on my way home from moms . They are always right with my order :) Good Coffee hunting ..

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We just have regular Targets here (not Super), but you're right - it is like being hypnotized in that joint. I almost always leave about $75 lighter.

dwija said...

Thanks for doing this blog! I was sent a link to it from a guy on city-data.com. Just the kind of thing I was looking for. Thanks again!

Dave said...

Just the kind of thing I was looking for.

I'll take that as a compliment! Thanks for visiting and hope you come back for more.

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