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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Guest Lunch Report: Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood...

I got a really nice e-mail from Rich, a reader who visits the Blog from Schertz, and since he and his wife were out in Driftwood, TX, thought he would fill us in on Salt Lick BBQ. In case you didn't know, Driftwood is north of San Marcos, roughly between Austin and Johnson City.
Rich tells us, "I've really enjoyed reading your blog for awhile now and check it often. Thought you may be interested in our visit today to Salt Lick BBQ up in Driftwood...Hill Country near Austin. If you haven't been to Salt Lick yet I recommend it.""I'll have to say I failed "Dave 101" and didn't take a photo of my plate upon arrival. About halfway through my meal I realized I should have, so I shot my wife's half-eaten meal.""The ribs were fantastic, brisket was good, potato salad was a little different but ok, slaw was good, and the bread was great. If you haven't been up there yet and are in the area, go for it."

"Also, you need to get over here to Harmon's in Cibolo. We still prefer it over all others. Hopefully when you do come it won't be an off day for them."

Yea, I'd say that Harmon's is a must visit. Easily, we get more suggestions to try it out than any other place. We'll have to get out there soon.
"Last, Cooper's BBQ from Llano is putting in a new restaurant in New Braunfels on hwy 46...photo included. Hopefully it will be as good as the Cooper's in Lllano."

"Keep up the great blog work."

Thanks, Rich. We love to get recommendations form folks, and especially when they come complete with pictures! Have you been someplace we need to go to? Tell me about it, or leave a comment.

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