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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breakfast Report: Taqueria la Tapatia...

I think San Antonio could use some more places specializing in breakfast tacos. Oh look, another one just opened on Culebra called Taqueria's la Tapatia, and neighbors and friends have been telling us to get over there and get some. So Saturday morning, my wife and I decided to get some vittles before hitting a few garage sales.If you have driven by, you've noticed that this place is packed all the time. The building is a former Popeye's Fried Chicken and right off the bat, the place is too small for the amount of business they get. You could easily double the size of the dining area and it would be well worth it.Already, they are increasing the size of the parking lot. Inside, we were pleased with the extremely clean, and nice looking transformation from Popeye's to Jalisco. We had to wait a few minutes for a table, but during the course of our meal, we saw a minimum of ten different customers walk in, see no available tables, and simply leave.With all this traffic, I was really expecting some sort mouthwatering, savory feast, but the fact is, it's just breakfast tacos. They do have a full menu and I even thought about ordering pancakes, but opted for the 99 cent girth enhancers.My wife ordered a bean & cheese and her favorite, potato and chorizo. First thing to note is that these are handmade flour tortillas, though in my mind on the smallish size. My wife was especially pleased that the potatoes were cooked.I went all out and ordered three tacos including my favorite, carne guisada with cheese. I'm a firm believer in the heavy use of what we call, government cheese. You might know it as longhorn. (Some people call it a Kaiser blade, I call it a sling blade). I'm not sure what the deal was with this cheese, but it just appeared to be less WIC'ish than you see at a good hole in the wall. Also, no offense, I just didn't care for the texture of the meat. Not everyone does carne guisad with cheese to my liking, so this is no slam. Most people order breakfast tacos that involve eggs, not dinner.I also got the standard Country Sausage and egg and the ol' standby, chorizo and egg. Standard, no complaints and they remained hot during the full consumption process. Also, I tossed on some of the green sauce and it had a nice flavor and a little kick. Good stuff.In the end, with tip, we were out for $10.00 and that just aint bad at all for five tacos and two coffees. And maybe, that is the reason for the crowds.Give it a try if you like. I'd like to try them for lunch someday just to see how that goes. But for tacos, we'll probably have to revert back to our standard place, Taco Jalisco which is up at the next intersection.


cb said...

That's so funny that you tried this place because I've driven by it numerous times and kept telling myself I need to stop off some time. I might next time I'm in the area.

Since your wife is a fan of Marrou's newsreel, just make sure you have a recorder ready when she's about to do something absolutely absurd and I'll tell Marrou to include it. :-p

If you ever come across any good stories or anything else of interest...feel free to contact me: cbien@kens5.com

Dave said...

"Since your wife is a fan of Marrou's newsreel, just make sure you have a recorder ready when she's about to do something absolutely absurd and I'll tell Marrou to include it. :-p"

I seriously don't have that much disk space on my camera... Just follow us around HEB or in a parking lot when somebody does something stupid. I could just start the camera rolling when I hear the words, "Oh Hell No!"

Of course, I'm kidding.

Anonymous said...

....Oh Hell No...arent you a hank hill.........I'm liken to say..."Im gonna kick your asssssss...."

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