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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trip Report: Garner State Park...

For many people in San Antonio and south-central Texas, Garner State Park is a getaway location that has been a family tradition for several generations. My wife began going with her family as early as she can remember, and all the kids she grew up with know the joys of Garner (or Gard'ner as they tend to say) because it was not uncommon for her parents to let neighborhood kids tag along on their trips.
My first visit would have been in 1985 (since that was when I met my wife) and we took our own kids camping and on day trips beginning when they were in diapers. Garner State Park is one of those places where families can go and you don't feel like something bad is going to happen; you can sit back and relax, let the kids swim or play or even climb a "mountain".
This time of year, the park is fairly empty compared to the crowds that pack the place on Memorial Day Weekend. That's a mistake I'll never make again! When it is the busy season, the park rangers keep the place under control, tossing those who can't respect the place. I have always liked the fact that Garner is in a "dry" county and "public consumption or display" of alcohol is prohibited. This is of course code for, bring your beer from home, be discrete about your consumption and don't be a jerk. If you are, the rangers have good cause to give you the boot.
It has been a while since we went for the day - at least a year or more - and even longer since we have actually camped at Garner. But sometimes you have to pack a lunch, make the drive and force yourself to sit back and enjoy the quiet flow and great views of the river, surrounded by trees, and a small mountain that just calls for you to hike to the top.

Okay, we didn't climb any hills but we did relax, and I think that was something my wife really needed this time of year. Garner was a favorite place for both her late father and brother. She had encouraged her brother that if he could just get healthy enough to travel, she would take him to Garner. He couldn't make the trip today, but it was still special. One suspects he was with us in spirit, anyway.

Need more pictures? Check out the Flickr Page.

Garage Sale: Timber Run Cul de Sac in Silver Creek...

Our friends Pete & Lydia are holding a huge, cul de sac style garage sale this weekend over on Timber Run near the Soccer fields in Silver Creek. What a great set of neighbors on that street. I trust they will all have some good stuff that my wife can't live without - until we have our own garage sale...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Chupacabras Controversy...

Yes, an actual controversy involving the alleged Chupacabras...
Of course you'll need to check out Alan and Albatross for more Strange details...

*Gracie does not claim to be a cow or a chupacabras, though she is somewhat humiliated, nonetheless.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dinner Report: Porky J's BBQ & Grill on Bandera...

First and foremost, I need to thank the several readers (including another one today) who alerted us to Porky J's, hidden in a small shopping center on Bandera Road between Huebner and Sawyer. When someone says Porky J's is a hole in the wall, they ain't kiddin'! There is no store front at all; just a sign leading you to awesome goodness in the form of Memphis style vittles.
I had mentioned that we made an effort to try Porky J's on Sunday but surprisingly, found the place closed. I learned the story behind that little mystery this evening when I talked with one of the owners during our dinner. Turns out Porky J's does catering and had such an overwhelmingly unexpected crowd at an event, that they simply ran out of food. Don't take that as a sign of poor planning. They expected to serve a few hundred plates and ended up serving over a thousand. So, I think we can give them a pass, don't you?

We have learned from recent experiences at other small businesses that one of the real joys of the dining experience is a positive atmosphere and positive people. A friend of ours told us about attempting to give this place a try during a busy Friday evening but having to wait so long to have their order taken, they simply left. I can only guess that was a total freak accident. Porky J's is small - I'm guessing they can only seat about 30 people at max capacity - so who knows how they could have messed that one up. I can only suggest giving them another shot.
In addition to the smallish indoor seating area (by the way, no smaller than the indoor seating area at either Augie's Barbed Wire or The Rib House - two of our favorites), they have an interesting outdoor patio formed by the surrounding walls of the buildings to the side and behind the place. Inside, the theme is Memphis and the music reflects that.
First up, I had to try the onion rings. Most of you know that I am less a fan of the crispity-crunchy type rings and much prefer the beer battered version. But when onion rings have a unique seasoning to them, I take note. These are not dropped in the fryer out of a frozen bag from a local supplier; like everything else, they are home made and very good. Try them.
My wife had a hankering for a brisket sammy. What she got was a really messy (in a very good way) Memphis style treat with Cole-slaw mashed in with the brisket between the bread. We had talked about the fact that when we flew through Memphis last time, we saw that you could order your sandwich with or without Cole-slaw. Now we know the correct answer; you must have it with the slaw. The brisket does have a slight bite to it, so if you are a lightweight in the spicy department, keep your iced tea handy.
I had to try the pork ribs and was glad I did. Again, I had the spicy version of things, but you can order a milder version if you need. Don't get me wrong, for most San Antonian's you'll want to go with the spicy, I'm just letting you know of the option in case your brittle aunt visits or something. I also asked for some brisket just so I could try it without the benefit of sandwich and slaw, and I will tell you that it is wonderful. You can try it with the home made BBQ sauce, but it isn't needed.
To really make me fat, I also asked for small portions of potato salad and green beans. Both are top notch. The potato salad was smooth with no aftertaste which can sometimes be an issue. The green beans are the flat type, nicely seasoned and cooked enough to make me happy. Good stuff!

As we chatted with the owner, I asked him if he had tried Augie's. This lead to quite a discussion on the topic and I mentioned the wonderful pulled-pork sammy I had last time I went to Augie's. A few minutes later, out comes a serving of pulled-pork for me to give a little taste to. My wife and I both LOVED it, but I was not willing to go on record as saying his was better than Augie's. I'd need to do one of those blindfolded taste tests to be sure. I can just tell you this: Porky J's is a lot closer to my house than Augie's is.

This all brings me back to the issue of enjoying the atmosphere and friendly folks. I can tell you right now that if I walked into Porky J's and it was jammed packed, I'd get my order to go. I just don't like crowds in small places. But we must have hit at the right time because we beat the dinner crowd.
We had a great conversation about all the places we love to eat and to make it that much better, we enjoyed some really great food, and that makes our visit to Porky J's a Tasty Treat.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How is Facebook Working For Ya?

Have you joined the tail end of this Facebook thing yet? I say tail end only because, if someone like me has signed up, I'm sure the next big thing like Twitter or some other social network is well on its way to making Facebook obsolete.

Anyway, both my wife and I have established Facebook accounts, and while she seems to enjoy it a bit more than I do - which really means she checks her account daily and I check mine weekly, maybe - it turned out to be a cool thing for us the other night.

A friend of mine from high school found me on Facebook several months ago and we got to catching up on life stories as people do when they have not heard from one another in twenty-something years, and it turned out that he would be in town this weekend. Greg is a professional audio engineer and had some business to do in San Antonio this week, so since he was in town, we invited him over for dinner.

For those of you who still live in the same town you grew up and attended high school or college in, this seems like no big deal; but for those of us who moved on from our home towns and have basically had no contact with good friends, this Internet and this Facebook (or other social networking site) suddenly become pretty cool.

My wife has had no real knowledge of my high school friends short of a few stories here and there, and I'm sure it was nice for her to see that I didn't hang out with serial killers or male cheerleaders (not that there is anything wrong with male cheerleaders).

Anyway, we had a great time catching up and as long as people don't become needy or appoint themselves the official social coordinator for their high school class, I think these sites that let you connect with old friends are cool.

So, any horror stories we need to know about? Do you have a Facebook or MySpace nightmare I need to hear? Send me a note or leave a comment below.

Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation and Domino's...

Just a reminder that Monday the 26th through Thursday the 29th of October, you can support the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation and get a solid deal from Domino's if you order online and enter code 8300.
Yum! And it is for a good cause.

Lunch Report: Hwy 16 Diner, Helotes...

We were driving down Highway 16 in Helotes this afternoon contemplating a bite to eat when my wife pointed out something called "Huey's Diner". Of course, I was probably going a little faster than I should have.
When I turned around so we could give it a shot, we both laughed at the fact that "Huey's" was actually "Hwy" as in Highway 16 Diner.
This diner has only been open a few months and I suspect either they are going for a very minimal decorating look, or they just haven't gotten around to it. With the exception of one wall decked out with O'Conner High School garb and a tiny TV, the rest of the place is bare. But we came to try the food.

The menu includes the usual - burgers, chicken fried steak and even meat loaf, plus they offer up some standard sides including Onion Rings, though we did not indulge today. It would have been nice to maybe see a display case full of pies or slices of cake, just to get us in the diner mood.
My wife ordered the 3 piece Chicken Tenders with sides of Mac & Cheese and carrots. The carrots were recommended by the waiter who said they are steamed and have a slight caramel taste to them. I'm not sure what the taste was, but they were good. The chicken tenders are fried but come out lightly crispy with no hint of grease. The plates come with a warm dinner roll smothered in butter. The creamy gravy for dipping is what you would expect.
I had the chicken fried chicken (which to be honest is just a single big chicken tender), the aforementioned Mac & Cheese and some delicious green beans. I couldn't quite place what the taste was in the green beans - I wanted to guess some sort of chili powder or something, but they were very good. I love me some green beans. My wife and I both agreed that the Mac & Cheese was great and like her chicken tenders, my chicken fried chicken was light and tasty, not overwhelmed in a fried greasy taste. Slathered in gravy and served hot, it really hit the spot. If you are looking for a unique zesty taste, this probably won't be the place for you; it was good but fairly uneventful taste-bud-wise.

The place was doing a very brisk business with lots of folks pitching in to clear tables and refill iced tea glasses. We got the feeling this is a family operation, but who knows. Service was good and quick, though we did have to wait for our check a little longer than I would like. Okay, let me be more specific: They had cleared our table and we were still waiting for the check.

They probably need to work on the atmosphere a little. If you are going to specifically name your restaurant a diner, then you ought to go with the theme that people expect. For instance, I suspect that when someone opened the first Long John Silvers, they didn't go for six months before somebody said, "Hey, what say we get some pirate hats and give this place a nautical theme? Arrgh."

Have you been to Highway 16 Diner (or as we shall now know it, Huey's)? Have you gone back for a second helping of vittles? Leave a comment and let us know about it!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lunch Report: Chicago Street Grill at Big's on Potranco...

When we stopped into Frankfurter Express last weekend, reader Frankvw suggested that we give A Chicago Street Grill, the replacement for the diner that used to be set-up in Big's on Potranco a shot. We did just that, and I'm here to do a quick report!

First, I have to be very clear. You can't do a head to head comparison between Frankfurter Express and A Chicago Street Grill. These are two totally different venues with two different customer sets. The only thing in common is that they both serve quality dogs.
A Chicago Street Grill offers a huge selection of not only hot dogs, but burgers, Gyro's, meatball sammaches and more. If you ignore the convenience store behind you, you can sit back and appreciate the Chicago memorabilia adorning the walls, and pretend you are getting ready to watch Da'Bears.
My wife ordered a Windy City Chili Cheese Dog. These are regular sized dogs served on a fresh bun and, your order includes free fries that are cooked fresh and lightly seasoned.
I ordered up The Chicago Hot dog which is served on a poppy seed bun, kosher dill pickle spear, tomatoes (I had never experienced tomatoes on a hot dog before - not bad), sport peppers (which I took off and ate separately) and chopped onions. It usually comes with relish, but they were out. No biggie.
The owners of the place seemed genuinely friendly and eager to make us happy. They made the food quickly and everything was good. I'd be eager to return just to try out some other items on the menu like the burgers, the cheese steak or some of the fried appetizers like mushrooms, onion rings and jalapeno poppers.

If you just need a quick hot dog fix, I think you'll be fairly pleased with the prices, especially considering the fries come with the dogs. Have you tried some of the other stuff there? I'd love to know what was good and what wasn't. Tell me about it or leave a comment below.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday: Rain, Pizza, Pasta, Fish, Church, TV's and Vagrants....

Do you remember earlier this week when it was just raining cats and dogs? Great Googly-Moogly! It just so happened that the timing was pretty awesome because my wife had tracked down one of those guys that sits on the corner in a truck with a flatbed trailer full of sod. So, she had him bring over a couple of pallets worth to cover the mistake we made when we tilled up the backyard only to make the weeds grow better.

Anyway, with the grass firmly in place, the sky opened up and we had two solid days of rain, and though that left for crappy driving and lots of closed roads, but the grass is starting to take, and I like that. I should have taken a picture to show here, but I didn't think about it until now and it is already dark outside. Sorry.

So anyway, it was during the first day of rain when I didn't fully appreciate that the tiny little break in downpour wasn't the end of it. I had suggested to my wife that we drive about three miles south on Culebra to that Joe's Pizza & Pasta place that I had misled people into believing was open. A drive that would normally take just a few minutes, even during heavy traffic took us almost half an hour. Of course, it is always fun to blame it on crappy drivers, but in fact, the street lights at both Westover Hills Blvd and Old Grissom were out. Not flashing Red or Yellow, just out!

So, we finally get into this Joe's place and get out of the truck in the now, once again pouring rain. We can see the lights on in the place and even can see tables with place settings on them. Sure enough, as I pulled on the door to open it, I could see taped to the inside of the mirrored glass the sign that says they are closed for two weeks.

The worst part of it is, as we were pulling out, another couple was pulling on the same door we had and reading the sign. I told my wife that I sure hoped they hadn't gone to try the place on my lousy information! They looked a lot hungrier than we did. 'Course, I generally look like I just ate a big meal anyway, so that doesn't mean a whole lot.

It doesn't end there though. We decided that heading back up Culebra with all the jacked-up traffic mess was not the way to go, so we decided to go west on Potranco toward Highway 151 in hopes of finding some vittles. And as we were driving, of course the traffic people come on the radio and tell us that there is a huge wreck at Potranco and 151. That would explain the back-up.

So we cut through Richland Hills, over to Wiseman Road and picked up 151 just before 1604. It occurs to me that readers unfamiliar with San Antonio have no idea what I am even talking about here. Suffice it to say, we took a big huge circle and another half an hour to get through the rain and traffic to end up at the new Pizza Hut on Grissom and Timber Path, not a quarter mile from Silver Creek 78250!

You'll recall we ate at this Pizza Hut before. This time, we decided to skip the pizza itself and split one of those special Supremo sandwiches. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time on the Supremo. I've had bologna sandwiches that were better. But we do love that cheese bread they serve. As we were sitting there waiting for our food, I looked across the street and could see Mr. Cod through the rain. I casually mentioned to my wife that we should give them another try, now that they have been in business for several months without closing down.

I guess that was the hint my wife needed because when I walked in the door this afternoon, she was ready for a fish sandwich. Instead of taking a long circuitous route around San Antonio, we drove straight from the house to Mr. Cod and both ordered the #5 which is a fish sandwich, fries and a drink.
I have to tell you, while it was a bit of a wait (they don't cook your stuff 'til you order it), it was a welcome surprise. The fish sandwich is huge and served on very fresh bread like a submarine sandwich or something. And it was fully cooked!
As usual, the place is remarkably clean and the owner recognized my wife from our first visits back when they opened.
The fries are different now. These are not what I recall as the "chips" they served originally. I guess that just didn't go over well. But they were hot, not over cooked, and good, especially with malt vinegar on them. Of course, as they say on the Internet, your mileage may vary.

Hey, I don't want to make a big deal of this and I'm only even posting it because I found the whole thing to be kind of odd - even strange.

I was on my way home from Home Depot (which I'll tell you about in a minute) and I was driving down Timber Path through Emerald Valley, The Commons, and Ridge Creek on my way to Silver Creek. Anyway, I saw several of these bandit signs dotting the landscape. Besides the fact that these signs are against San Antonio city code and against our HOA deed restrictions, I wasn't ready to pull over and start tossing them into my truck for later disposal.

But when I was at the stoplight at Tezel and Timber Path, I got a close enough view to read the sign. Apparently, this Origin Church is setting up shop at Fernandez Elementary School. Even then, I thought perhaps it was just some sort of rummage sale or something like that, but I went to the web page and sure enough, according to their own web page, Fernandez Elementary is their new home.

Now don't attempt to paint me as one of those separation of church and state people. It's crap like that that makes our students come home saying things like Winter Festival instead of Christmas or Fall Celebration instead of Thanksgiving. But are you serious? Has the North side Independent School District gotten so short of cash that we are now renting out the school as a church on weekends? WTF?

Oh, I had to stop into Home Depot today to grab some sheetrock for a project I'm working on. I always save time when I leave by driving back behind Home Depot and HEB and Party City so I can avoid all the traffic of people darting out into the parking lot and such.

There is this little patch of trees where I occasionally see panhandlers taking a break and sipping a quart before they had back out to the Alamo Ranch intersection at 1604 and Culebra to relieve you charitable types (fools) of your hard earned change. (I'm just kidding; I pass out five dollar bills to the unfortunate vagrants all the time.)*
Anyway, I spotted this TV parked up on that little clearing and thought to myself, I wonder where they plug it in. Strange.

*I was kidding the second time. Don't give money to these people, they really drive Cadillacs and drink better beer than I do.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Firefly and Serenity...

Come to find out, there was this TV series about these folks on a space ship who flew around outer space going from planet to planet, smuggling, thieving, saving the day for those needing saving and harboring a fugitive crazy chick and her doctor brother. If you recognize it, then you know I'm talking about Firefly and the movie that sort of wrapped up the single season effort, Serenity.

Several of you urged us to give it a shot and our neighbors came through with the full set of disks and the movie so we could see what it was all about. For me not being a sci-fi type of person, the fact that none of the characters had pointy ears or weird goiters protruding from their heads made this a little more acceptable to give a shot.

Most of you are already familiar with this (and pretty much every other show I am late coming to) but on the off chance you aren't, I'll mention that the cool thing to me was the way the characters had sort of an old western movie feel to them. It's this sort of writing style that entertains me. I loved Deadwood for a similar reason. As you watched these people out in the wild West, they all spoke like they had just walked out of Oxford, but with a slight edge. In other words, don't watch Deadwood if you can't handle the F-word or an assortment of wonderfully colorful vulgarities. Firefly was certainly more PG rated, though it did feature a member of the ship's crew who was a "companion". I'm sure former councilperson Diane Cibrian was a fan.

And that leads me to the local connection I was not aware of, and that is the star crazy person in the show, River Tam, was played by San Antonio native Summer Glau. I had no idea.

If you haven't seen it and just need a recommendation, I say go for it. My wife and I skipped a lot of our regular DVR choices to knock out the 14 episodes and movie, and we really did enjoy it.

What's next? Your ideas? Should we just break down and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer since it was written by the same Joss Whedon who did Firefly? If you have a recommendation, feel free to leave a comment or send me a note.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Reader's Notes: E-mail, Comments, Questions, etc...

My wife thought I should write a note about comments - more specifically, how you can leave comments. It seems several people she has chatted with would like to leave comments but thought they had to sign up for a Blogger account.
First, in case you read the Blog but didn't know, sometimes, people leave comments about what I have posted. You can click on the little comments button (circled) and read what others have posted.
This is what it looks like when people leave comments. If you notice, someone has left a comment anonymously. That is fine - you don't have to leave your name, though it is always nice to try to follow who is who (so if you leave lots of comments, we know it is the same person). You'll notice in the second comment, it is me responding. Since I have a Google account, I can comment on my blog or other blogs I visit, and people will see my name and handsome picture.
If you don't have a Google or Wordpress or other type of blogging account, just click on the Anonymous button at the bottom and feel free to comment. If you'd like, you can simply sign your name, but not necessary. And there you have it; comments in a nutshell!

Of course, you are always welcome to just send me an e-mail if you have comments or questions. Many of you have found that I usually respond to e-mail within a few hours.

And speaking of e-mail...

I got a note from Bob, a reader from The Five Oh who asked about Joe's Italian Buffet on Culebra. He said he went by and they had a sign on the door saying they were closed for remodeling. I knew the name sounded familiar to me.
My wife and I ate at a Joe's in Louisiana and two regular readers pointed me to the Joe's on Culebra. The two restaurants are not related (turns out, there is more than one Italian guy named Joe), but the Culebra Joe's is open as evidenced by my drive-by this afternoon. UPDATE: We did attempt to go, but come to find out, all those cars in front were visiting someone else - the place is still closed for remodeling.

Another reader named Melanie asked about that strip center located at the corner of
Timber Path and Grissom that has housed an HEB and later Coyotes and Tejano Texas before finally becoming a church. She asked if I had any knowledge of a liquor store being in that location between the 1990-1992 time-frame. I sent off a request to several longtime residents in the area, and none could recall a liquor store in that particular strip center or more specifically, in the huge corner space that made up an entire grocery store and nightclub. Believe me, that would be a liquor store of warehouse proportions that people would remember. But, if you have some insight on there being a liquor store there, we'd love to help Melanie out. Leave a comment or send me a note.

I wanted to pass on some information that I will tell you about again next week. Several of our regular readers are members of the new GNW Library Friends group and they were out at the GNW Library celebrating the 15th anniversary. My wife and I made plans to attend the event so I could take some pictures and tell you about it, and instead, we simply didn't make it. Saturday was an extremely full day and we felt bad about not working the event into the schedule. Anyway, one of the Friends, Denise, sent me a note about something coming up next week that we can all appreciate - a good deal on Pizza for a good cause.
This is a great deal on a large Dominos pizza for $8.99 to benefit the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation (I'm a member and survivor.) Please distribute as you see fit. Dates Oct 26-29 at any area Dominos...must order online at www.dominos.com with code 8300! Large pizza up to 8 toppings, they say you can use the code for as many as you want.

And there you have it. My notes for a Monday in 78250...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

GNW Halloween Party Report...

My wife and I along with neighbors made the short trip down to the Lodge of the Great Northwest to attend the annual Halloween Party. In all I think the head count was close to 90 folks who joined in the good time.
We went as a cowboy and an Indian.
Our neighbors, Gus and Ruby went as a priest and his bad habit...
DJ Frank was there and in spite of numerous people taking a chance behind the Karaoke microphone, nobody used their singing time to say anything offensive (though a few of the singers voices may have qualified as offensive).
All in all, a great job by the staff to decorate and set-up the place. Need more proof? Check out the rest of the pictures over on the Flickr Page.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lunch Report: Frankfurter Express on Kings Court...

A friend told my wife and I about Frankfurter Express, a fairly new place located near the St. Mary's area near 281 on a street that was once residential and now filled with small businesses.
We were told to expect friendly folks, interesting art, and wonderful hot dogs, and I am happy to report, we found all of the above.
The first order of business is parking. Good luck, but don't let it deter you. Just know that you may have to drive around the block a few times before finding a place to park.
When we walked in, the owner (or the co-owner - it is a father-son team), was chatting with another customer and he immediately welcomed us and gave us the lowdown on the hot dog operation. This wasn't that fake, forced "Welcome to Fill-in-the-Blank" that you get nowadays from so many chains, but a genuine enthusiasm by someone happy to see us. I swear, my wife and I started giving each other that puzzled "where do we know this guy from" look, because he was an instant friend. Surely, he isn't this friendly to everyone (and we would find out that he is not).

As we looked over the picture menu of all the possible combinations, he explained to us that they were trying to give customers something different than the fast-food experience we have all become accustomed to. I laughed when he imitated the accepted style of cashier at some fast food places, and I'm sure readers here have all encountered it. You walk into McDonald's and when it is your turn in line, the cashier just gives you a blank stare; none of the polite welcome and asking to take your order that was so drilled into those of us who worked fast food twenty-something years ago.

He told me about the need for people to smile and be happy and enjoy the experience, but confessed that he has had to throw two different customers out for misunderstanding what Frankfurter Express is all about. In one case, a guy came in and wanted his hot dogs ASAP/PDQ because he was in a hurry. The owner kindly pointed him to the direction of Der Wiener Schnitzel and simply turned and walked into the kitchen. I like this guy!

The atmosphere is that of a small converted house turned art gallery. The walls are bright, covered with original artwork and they offer free WiFi if you need to check out my Blog while you shovel a footlong down your gullet.
Outside, there is patio dining and apparently, they show movies occasionally. This Thursday I believe it is, they will be showing a movie in celebration of the owner's birthday.
Not ready to watch a film, but interested in a good dog? There is a huge selection of pre-designed dog combinations to choose from, or you can just order a dog and dress it yourself from the well stocked toppings bar. Oh, and a huge selection of mustards that you simply won't find at most places.
My wife decided to try the Cincinnati (as my late aunt would pronounce it, Cincinnat-uh) Footlong. This dog comes with a New York Hebrew National Kosher served on a long (fresh) bun with authentic Cincinnati chili, cheddar cheese and chopped onions. My wife thought the chili was different than what she is used to, but at least it was home made and enjoyed the dog - and ate the whole thing.
We ordered up a basket split with onion rings and fries. The rings have that harder, crispy feel that I'm not a huge fan of (I prefer the less healthy, beer battered fried rings), but the taste was simply wonderful. I do recommend them. More importantly, the fries were out of this world fantastic. If you go and do not order the fries, you are making a huge mistake. They are cut potatoes and seasoned with something to make them better than your normal fries from most places we visit.
I was extremely hungry and was contemplating ordering two different types of dogs when the owner suggested I give the Dogzilla a try. It is a monster sized half pound foot long covered half and half Cincinnati Style and New York style for a two city rampage. Whatever; it was huge and it was wonderful.
And yes, I ate the whole thing.
You'll like the company and the presentation and you'll really like the food. Frankfurter Express at 111 Kings Court near downtown is a Tasty Treat.

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