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Monday, October 19, 2009

Reader's Notes: E-mail, Comments, Questions, etc...

My wife thought I should write a note about comments - more specifically, how you can leave comments. It seems several people she has chatted with would like to leave comments but thought they had to sign up for a Blogger account.
First, in case you read the Blog but didn't know, sometimes, people leave comments about what I have posted. You can click on the little comments button (circled) and read what others have posted.
This is what it looks like when people leave comments. If you notice, someone has left a comment anonymously. That is fine - you don't have to leave your name, though it is always nice to try to follow who is who (so if you leave lots of comments, we know it is the same person). You'll notice in the second comment, it is me responding. Since I have a Google account, I can comment on my blog or other blogs I visit, and people will see my name and handsome picture.
If you don't have a Google or Wordpress or other type of blogging account, just click on the Anonymous button at the bottom and feel free to comment. If you'd like, you can simply sign your name, but not necessary. And there you have it; comments in a nutshell!

Of course, you are always welcome to just send me an e-mail if you have comments or questions. Many of you have found that I usually respond to e-mail within a few hours.

And speaking of e-mail...

I got a note from Bob, a reader from The Five Oh who asked about Joe's Italian Buffet on Culebra. He said he went by and they had a sign on the door saying they were closed for remodeling. I knew the name sounded familiar to me.
My wife and I ate at a Joe's in Louisiana and two regular readers pointed me to the Joe's on Culebra. The two restaurants are not related (turns out, there is more than one Italian guy named Joe), but the Culebra Joe's is open as evidenced by my drive-by this afternoon. UPDATE: We did attempt to go, but come to find out, all those cars in front were visiting someone else - the place is still closed for remodeling.

Another reader named Melanie asked about that strip center located at the corner of
Timber Path and Grissom that has housed an HEB and later Coyotes and Tejano Texas before finally becoming a church. She asked if I had any knowledge of a liquor store being in that location between the 1990-1992 time-frame. I sent off a request to several longtime residents in the area, and none could recall a liquor store in that particular strip center or more specifically, in the huge corner space that made up an entire grocery store and nightclub. Believe me, that would be a liquor store of warehouse proportions that people would remember. But, if you have some insight on there being a liquor store there, we'd love to help Melanie out. Leave a comment or send me a note.

I wanted to pass on some information that I will tell you about again next week. Several of our regular readers are members of the new GNW Library Friends group and they were out at the GNW Library celebrating the 15th anniversary. My wife and I made plans to attend the event so I could take some pictures and tell you about it, and instead, we simply didn't make it. Saturday was an extremely full day and we felt bad about not working the event into the schedule. Anyway, one of the Friends, Denise, sent me a note about something coming up next week that we can all appreciate - a good deal on Pizza for a good cause.
This is a great deal on a large Dominos pizza for $8.99 to benefit the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation (I'm a member and survivor.) Please distribute as you see fit. Dates Oct 26-29 at any area Dominos...must order online at www.dominos.com with code 8300! Large pizza up to 8 toppings, they say you can use the code for as many as you want.

And there you have it. My notes for a Monday in 78250...


Anon E. Mouse said...

... and don't forget to vote! Early voting started yesterday at the GNW Library for 11 propositions by the State of Texas to change things.

hey! This comment thingy really does work!

And visit www.sanantoniohams.org/blog to watch a video about last Saturday's celebration at the GNW Library, their 15th anniversary.

Dave said...

See, just that easy.

Lee, Great videos. Wish we would have made it out to see the little dancers!

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