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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lunch Report: Chicago Street Grill at Big's on Potranco...

When we stopped into Frankfurter Express last weekend, reader Frankvw suggested that we give A Chicago Street Grill, the replacement for the diner that used to be set-up in Big's on Potranco a shot. We did just that, and I'm here to do a quick report!

First, I have to be very clear. You can't do a head to head comparison between Frankfurter Express and A Chicago Street Grill. These are two totally different venues with two different customer sets. The only thing in common is that they both serve quality dogs.
A Chicago Street Grill offers a huge selection of not only hot dogs, but burgers, Gyro's, meatball sammaches and more. If you ignore the convenience store behind you, you can sit back and appreciate the Chicago memorabilia adorning the walls, and pretend you are getting ready to watch Da'Bears.
My wife ordered a Windy City Chili Cheese Dog. These are regular sized dogs served on a fresh bun and, your order includes free fries that are cooked fresh and lightly seasoned.
I ordered up The Chicago Hot dog which is served on a poppy seed bun, kosher dill pickle spear, tomatoes (I had never experienced tomatoes on a hot dog before - not bad), sport peppers (which I took off and ate separately) and chopped onions. It usually comes with relish, but they were out. No biggie.
The owners of the place seemed genuinely friendly and eager to make us happy. They made the food quickly and everything was good. I'd be eager to return just to try out some other items on the menu like the burgers, the cheese steak or some of the fried appetizers like mushrooms, onion rings and jalapeno poppers.

If you just need a quick hot dog fix, I think you'll be fairly pleased with the prices, especially considering the fries come with the dogs. Have you tried some of the other stuff there? I'd love to know what was good and what wasn't. Tell me about it or leave a comment below.


Maureen said...

Haha! We pulled in there to eat lunch today and my husband said "You're taking me to eat at a convenience store?!?!?!" LOL so we went to Whataburger instead. Bummer....the food looks good and I don't even like hot dogs.

frankvw said...

We stopped by Saturday afternoon before heading to Seaworld. Outside they were setting up for the weekly car show (5pm - 10pm every Saturday, $5 registration which includes a meal). Apparently Bigz had stopped doing the car show because it was getting too wild but the owners of Chicago Street Grill convinced them to bring it back, this time with off duty police officers to control the crowd. I also talked to the staff about the business since they moved and they said they were blessed to find this location. I hope it works out for them.

frankvw said...

Forgot to pitch Wings, Pizza 'N' Things, a chain restaurant located at 7627 Culebra Rd. It's a family friendly 'sports bar' with real good wings, pizza and burgers. Multitude of flat screen tv's makes it the perfect place to watch weekend football games. We've been there twice now and haven't had a bad meal, and the prices are quite reasonable. http://www.wingspizzanthings.com/index.php

Lora said...

I think this is the same people that were on Marbach across from Jay. If so they have a gyro to die for....I lived in Turkey and am picky about my gyros. Everything we had from them was wonderful and over a number of months think we tried it all.

Deb said...

Thanks for this post, Dave. Our entire faculty used to enjoy Big's, but then some really bad managers moved in in the interim. I'm talking turkey bacon breakfast tacos for two bucks each. How in the world do you manage to ruin a breakfast taco for cry-yi. Anyway, I'm glad to see some good folks have control of that venue again.

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