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Sunday, October 25, 2009

How is Facebook Working For Ya?

Have you joined the tail end of this Facebook thing yet? I say tail end only because, if someone like me has signed up, I'm sure the next big thing like Twitter or some other social network is well on its way to making Facebook obsolete.

Anyway, both my wife and I have established Facebook accounts, and while she seems to enjoy it a bit more than I do - which really means she checks her account daily and I check mine weekly, maybe - it turned out to be a cool thing for us the other night.

A friend of mine from high school found me on Facebook several months ago and we got to catching up on life stories as people do when they have not heard from one another in twenty-something years, and it turned out that he would be in town this weekend. Greg is a professional audio engineer and had some business to do in San Antonio this week, so since he was in town, we invited him over for dinner.

For those of you who still live in the same town you grew up and attended high school or college in, this seems like no big deal; but for those of us who moved on from our home towns and have basically had no contact with good friends, this Internet and this Facebook (or other social networking site) suddenly become pretty cool.

My wife has had no real knowledge of my high school friends short of a few stories here and there, and I'm sure it was nice for her to see that I didn't hang out with serial killers or male cheerleaders (not that there is anything wrong with male cheerleaders).

Anyway, we had a great time catching up and as long as people don't become needy or appoint themselves the official social coordinator for their high school class, I think these sites that let you connect with old friends are cool.

So, any horror stories we need to know about? Do you have a Facebook or MySpace nightmare I need to hear? Send me a note or leave a comment below.


Albatross said...

"not that there is anything wrong with male cheerleaders"

In my neck of the woods they called themselves yellleaders. Which, I suppose, is an important distinction that they wanted to make.

Dave said...

Well everybody knows that yellleaders are not cheerleaders. I mean, I just figured that was a given.

Maureen said...

I've reconnected with several old friends from way back.....we're planning a big get-together next year in California, and I can't wait. It's like we all picked up right where we left off. I love it.

Sid said...

I've actually reconnected with former students whom I taught when they were middle schoolers. Now most of them are in their early forties and have turned out to be loyal Facebook friends. I, myself, just as you did, had dinner with one who was in town on business a few weeks ago. It was a great reunion! I owe it all to Facebook.

Dave said...

Great input! I've also received e-mails with success stories of people meeting up with folks from the past. Good stuff!

Rich said...

Much like yourself we've been "away" from "home" for the past 30 years thanks to Uncle Sam and his USAF. It provides us the opportunity to stay in touch with our family back home, those all over the world now serving, and of course numerous AF friends across the world. It has worked out pretty nice for us.

M2 said...

Yep, it's been almost 30 years since I "left home" and Facebook has gotten me back in touch with a lot of people I would have never touched base with again otherwise. Not only high school but also college and the military. I've even gotten in touch with a few people I was in Bosnia with! (Gee, I wonder who that could be?!?!).

I like Facebook but I don't have the time for all the polls and games on there. I actually wonder how folks I know have the time themselves, if I get one more 'Mafia Wars' request, I am going to put out a real hit on somebody!

Cheers! M2

Dave said...

I like Facebook but I don't have the time for all the polls and games on there.

No kidding. I think my wife is hooked on something called Animal Farm or something. Hey, the yard needs mowing, hows that for a farm!

Anonymous said...

Eva says :)
I threw 2 pallets of sod on the yard .it's all your Mister. Now you don't have weeds or dirt to mow. Aren't i nice :) it's farm town

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