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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lunch Report: Beef O'Brady's, Callaway, FL...

My son needed to get the oil changed in his car so we slipped into the Wal Mart located in the what I suspect is a semi-retirement community for Carny-folk (not that Carny-folk shouldn't semi-retire anywhere they choose), called Callaway, FL. We dropped off the car for the lube service and considered taking a stroll through the Wal Mart itself only because I suspect that we could have taken a few pictures to submit to PeopleOfWalmart, but instead, we decided to grab some lunch.*
I had always thought Beef O'Brady's was just a local outfit in my parents town of Brandon, but come to find out, they are in 23 states including Texas, just nothing near San Antonio. Too bad. Turns out they do have a few locations near Panama City Beach, and luckily for us, there is one just across the street from the WalMart in Callaway.

Beef's is a sports bar type of set up with loads of TVs everywhere, including individual monitors at most of the booths and tables. This allows you to watch whatever you choose, from ESPN, FoxNews or your favorite soap if needed. My son reports that Beef's is always good for showing the pay-per-view events like boxing and UFC events.
The menu is loaded with lots of the usual neighborhood bar & grill like options (think Applebee's, Chili's, Friday's, Bennigan's, etc.) and we decided to start with an order of the Onion Rings served with some sort of orange looking tangy and spicy dipping sauce. Good stuff. The rings were just the way I like them and we made extremely quick work of them.
My son ordered a sandwich called the Watterson apparently named after one of Beef's first customers. The sandwich is made with roast beef, with Swiss cheese on rye, loaded with lots of salad. I love it when people are not afraid to put loads of mayonnaise on a sandwich! He added a little serving of potato salad which was pretty good.
Although the menu had numerous possibilities, I immediately honed in on The Reuben and was pretty pleased with it. The sandwiches are not puny little two-bite affairs that leave you wishing for more. I also had the potato salad which was very creamy and enjoyable.
Our waitress was very friendly and even though the place was still doing a brisk lunch hour business, things were served quickly. As we were leaving, she swapped our tea glasses for environmentally friendly Styrofoam cups - okay, maybe not so green, but in this Florida humidity, it was appreciated - and sent us on to retrieve the vehicle from Wal Mart.
Good food, good service and an atmosphere perfect for game day or just lunch, we could use a Beef's in San Antonio. If you get a chance, give Beef O'Brady's a try - it's a Tasty Treat.

*No offense to Carny folk, citizens of Callaway, or awkward appearing shoppers of Wal Mart; I'm just hackin' on ya.


Anonymous said...

Eva says:)

Your going on a diet when you get home :) All you seem to do is eat and the Wii is asking for you :) .

brenty said...

Hey! Who you calling "carny-folk" I used to live in Callaway when my hubby was stationed at Tyndall. Never could knock those lead milk bottles over.

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