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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trip Report: Garner State Park...

For many people in San Antonio and south-central Texas, Garner State Park is a getaway location that has been a family tradition for several generations. My wife began going with her family as early as she can remember, and all the kids she grew up with know the joys of Garner (or Gard'ner as they tend to say) because it was not uncommon for her parents to let neighborhood kids tag along on their trips.
My first visit would have been in 1985 (since that was when I met my wife) and we took our own kids camping and on day trips beginning when they were in diapers. Garner State Park is one of those places where families can go and you don't feel like something bad is going to happen; you can sit back and relax, let the kids swim or play or even climb a "mountain".
This time of year, the park is fairly empty compared to the crowds that pack the place on Memorial Day Weekend. That's a mistake I'll never make again! When it is the busy season, the park rangers keep the place under control, tossing those who can't respect the place. I have always liked the fact that Garner is in a "dry" county and "public consumption or display" of alcohol is prohibited. This is of course code for, bring your beer from home, be discrete about your consumption and don't be a jerk. If you are, the rangers have good cause to give you the boot.
It has been a while since we went for the day - at least a year or more - and even longer since we have actually camped at Garner. But sometimes you have to pack a lunch, make the drive and force yourself to sit back and enjoy the quiet flow and great views of the river, surrounded by trees, and a small mountain that just calls for you to hike to the top.

Okay, we didn't climb any hills but we did relax, and I think that was something my wife really needed this time of year. Garner was a favorite place for both her late father and brother. She had encouraged her brother that if he could just get healthy enough to travel, she would take him to Garner. He couldn't make the trip today, but it was still special. One suspects he was with us in spirit, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Eva says:)

I should have gone in the water ...Next time..

Maureen said...

Great pictures, and I'm glad ya'll had a good, relaxing time.

Jeff Bauer said...

Eva's father and brother were both up on that mountaintop looking down and smiling in approval.

Anonymous said...

Eva says:)
Thanks Jeff I actually felt them with me all day . I think that is why I am at peace for now .. Once I get restless I know its time for another visit:)

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