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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gracie Get's a Haircut...

I saw this touching post from Keith over at View's of Texas and thought I would show you how our own Gracie spent her morning.
We still don't know what kind of dog she is, but ever since rescuing her from a litter that was dumped on the side of the road in Castroville, we have grown mighty fond of her just the same. This is the place we take her to be groomed and to see the vet. Ever since they saved her by pulling a needle from her ass (I know, how many dogs eat a needle and can make it through the system enough for the doc to reach in and grab it by the tip?), we've been going back.
This is the before picture.

And this is a few hours later freshly bathed, clipped, and happy to be home!


Anonymous said...

Good Doggie !!

KeithAlanK said...

Her face reminds me of Yosemite Sam.

Maureen said...

I kinda like the "before" picture the best. She's really cute!

Anonymous said...

Eva says:)
I like the before picture better also but once I see the hairball tumbleweeds rolling across the room while I am watching tv it's time.I love the Andy Rooney eyebrows :)

Anonymous said...

So... you wait until the heat wave is over, before you get rid of her fur coat? Shouldn't we be calling the SPCA, PETA, Obama, or someone?

Anonymous said...

Eva says:)
She gets it every 3 months no matter what .. She is an inside dog:) Please don't call Peta

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with peta?

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