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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dinner Report: Margaritaville at Pier Park, PCB

My son and I hit Margaritaville in Pier Park at Panama City Beach to grab a quick bite and so I could see the place. On our last visit, we walked into the gift shop but didn't see inside the restaurant or taste the vittles.
Surely they were not going to play Jimmy Buffett songs for the duration of our meal, right? Eventually, they did throw in an occasional tune from some other unknown artist to mix it up. My son tells me that the first time he went to Margaritaville, it was a 40 minute loop of Buffett's greatest hits. Who wouldn't enjoy hearing Cheeseburger in Paradise over and over again? Please, I'm not a Jimmy Buffet hater, I just wasn't familiar with his broad collection of work, nor aware of the fact that you could create a Disney-like theme park to honor him.
Anyway, the food: My son ordered the MexiCali Burger and substituted the fries for onion rings. To me, the burger looked pretty much like it was one of those pre-cooked, microwave before serving type burgers. But, he enjoyed it so who am I to complain? The onion rings have the batter that I like, but they just seemed a tad greasy.
I couldn't resist trying the Cuban sandwich, also with the onion rings (see previous comment about looking good but greasy). The Cuban was thick and on actual Cuban bread. That's a plus. But again, maybe it was the humidity but it just seemed to glisten with a sheen of grease or something. In the end, I forced myself to enjoy it, even if I was thinking I could have had a huge mountain of Nachos instead.
We went in the early evening before the crowd was liquored up and getting all jiggy with it, I suppose. It was pretty family friendly but we still got to see the big Disney style animatronic-like presentation of the signature song Margaritaville where, from the bottom of an airplane suspended overhead, a disco ball with huge salt shaker drop along with big puffs of smoke and shots from cannons on the side of the room as if it was a Buccaneers game and the team had just scored.
And I think the atmosphere, the show, and the fact that the restaurant is sitting just off the beach is the reason the food, given the average quality of it, seems a bit spendy in my mind. To me, Margaritaville would be a perfect fit for the San Antonio River Walk; it was certainly full of tourists.

Are you a Parrot-head? Is the trick to just order the Margaritas and skip the vittles? Give me the poop or leave a comment below.

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