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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dinner Report: Five Guys at Pier Park in PCB...

This evening, my son and I skipped the seafood offerings along the PCB and opted instead for a little fast food action. I enjoyed Five Guys at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and was glad to see that we got one in San Antonio, though my wife and I have not made it over to give it a test run yet. But since the opportunity presented itself, we hit the Five Guys at Pier Park.

I guess the chain has the system down. Walking in, the place looked pretty much the same as I recall; fairly basic set-up with people taking your order, people frying fries and people making burgers. How can you go wrong?
We both ordered cheeseburgers, my son added grilled mushrooms and onions, and I added the bacon and grilled onions. Keeping in mind that this is strictly a fast food experience, we were both extremely pleased with the quality of the burgers - they simply melt in your mouth.
I added a regular order of fries to split and it was a good thing we didn't buy more. As good as the burgers were, the fries were not what I recalled from my visit in Baltimore. Who knows, maybe we just got an old batch.
Fries aside, I enjoy how they leave out little cards for diners to express their thoughts about Five Guys artistically. Some of the cards were pretty interesting.
Fast food or not, we're Hook'd on Five Guys and the one at Pier Park on PCB is a Tasty Treat...

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Lora said...

The five guys on 151 was open today. Hubby and I went after the lunch rush. It was goooood.....and we loved the fries, potatoes from Idaho by Shelly.....We had two different burgers and loved both.
Tomorrow Smash Burger opens around the corner.
Not so far to drive now for a good burger....

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