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Sunday, October 18, 2009

GNW Halloween Party Report...

My wife and I along with neighbors made the short trip down to the Lodge of the Great Northwest to attend the annual Halloween Party. In all I think the head count was close to 90 folks who joined in the good time.
We went as a cowboy and an Indian.
Our neighbors, Gus and Ruby went as a priest and his bad habit...
DJ Frank was there and in spite of numerous people taking a chance behind the Karaoke microphone, nobody used their singing time to say anything offensive (though a few of the singers voices may have qualified as offensive).
All in all, a great job by the staff to decorate and set-up the place. Need more proof? Check out the rest of the pictures over on the Flickr Page.


Anonymous said...

agustus and woodrow ,from lovesome dove, are in need of a texas ranger..but you need a real cowboy hat...

Dave said...

..but you need a real cowboy hat...

Oh yea, if you could feel it through the Internet, you would touch the full cardboardness of it. A 4 year-old named Ling Chow probably produced my hat and was paid a full 7 cents a day, just so I could look the part.

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