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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Panama City BraNument for Breast Cancer Awareness...

We were driving down the road and heard something about a BraNument, a monument made of bras if you will, for Breast Cancer Awareness. Cute idea, right? So my son mentioned that he had driven by and it would appear that most of the women who had donated must have been really well endowed.
The BraNument was to be taken down at 11am this morning, and since I was in the area of Panama City Mall, I stopped in to investigate. When I saw the spectacle for myself, I realized that my son didn't mean "well endowed" as in a size 3 gal with really big hooters, but more of the "well endowed" as in by virtue of weighing three hundred pounds, you need a really big bra to hold in all the boob and associated fat.

But this was all for a good cause and who are we to make juvenile jokes about boobs and such. When I drove by the BraNument, I wanted to take pictures but I didn't want to look like some pervert taking pictures of bras. Let's face it, I avoid the bra section at WalMart for fear that a) someone will think I'm a creep, and b) for fear that someone will think I'm shopping for a man-bra. So anyway, I kept back a respectable distance, took a few tasteful pictures and then as any normal guy would, I pulled out my video camera.
By the way, I was not the only person out there. I saw three or four cars come into the parking lot to take a gander at the BraNument and even take pictures, though surprisingly, I was the only man during my visit. I wondered if any of the ladies were there to see if they might grab a new style from the clothesline so to speak, but I witnessed no such shenanigans.

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