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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Breakfast Report: ChaCho's on Bandera...

As a general rule, if I'm going to a Mexican place for breakfast, the menu involves a series of tacos with various fillings. My wife had different plans this morning. She wanted me to try out the "Slam Dunk" breakfast at ChaCho's on Bandera.
To say the Slam Dunk is a lot of vittles is an understatement. You could easily feed a small family with one order, or at minimum, share an order between adults.
Seriously, it is an obnoxious amount of artery clogging, grease-oozing sausage, bacon, eggs, potatoes and pancakes. Are you kidding me? Each of the sausage patties looks like hand-made quarter-pounders.

The bacon is not the wimpy little two strips that come with most normal breakfasts (think Denny's, IHOP, Jim's), but instead a handful of thick, heavy meat that begs to be dipped in syrup. The fried potatoes are actually seasoned with a strong hint of onion. Not my thing for breakfast, but for those of you who swing that way, enjoy!

The pancakes are not as fluffy as you might get at one of the regular breakfast places, but they certainly are large and thick enough that you could eat only one and be satisfied.
In the end, we ate what we could then loaded up a container stuffed full of leftovers to take my mother-in-law for a mid-morning snack. Try it out - but seriously, a single order is plenty for two folks.


frankvw said...

I love Chacho's. There's also a couple other good restaurants in that area. For Northern Mexico food try El Palmito at 7101 Bandera Rd (look for the yellow house). They have varying hours of operation so check their website to make sure they're open http://elpalmitosa.com/ For Chinese food I like Kim Wah Chinese BBQ located at 7080 Bandera Rd in the Hobby Lobby strip mall. http://www.kimwah.com/KimWah/index.htm

Sabra said...

Hmm, looks like I could feed all three kids on that!

KeithAlanK said...

Had a bad breakfast at the Callaghan ChaCho's last weekend, but it was explained to me that the Bandera one is much better.
I WILL order this pile, and share some of it.

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