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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dinner Report: Wings, Pizza N Things on Culebra...

Another place recommended by a helpful reader turns out to be fairly good. Tonight we dropped by the recently opened Wings, Pizza N Things on Culebra in the new strip center that also boasts a Pocket Cricket Cellular store complete with street (okay, sidewalk) walking lady who struts her stuff to entice new phone clients. If you drive home down Culebra after work most evenings, you know the lady - all dressed in some green outfit with fashionable cap. I don't need a new phone but she has made us wonder about that Wing place for a while. And this evening we went.
WPNT seems to be a chain along the lines of other wing places. When we walked in around 5PM, we were the only customers. There were three folks standing at the front counter counting cash (perhaps shift change) and a sign that asked us to please wait to be seated. We encountered a similar situation somewhere else recently (I don't recall) and I immediately just knew that we would wait for someone to finally casually tell us to sit anywhere. Oh, now I recall, it was Pizza Hut. Can someone please dispense with these useless signs if they aren't to be adhered to?

After a minute or perhaps two, our waitress appeared from the kitchen and casually told us to sit anywhere. The people counting cash at the counter, literally 18 inches from us, were oblivious to us being there.
The place is very clean and very well suited for someone coming to enjoy some vittles, maybe a few beers and watch numerous sports events. There are huge screens on opposite sides of the room with numerous smaller flat panel TVs covering the major sporting feeds. When we entered, there was a slightly off-channel radio playing, but once we ordered, that was swapped out for the ESPN feed.

I don't really want to complain about the service - our waitress was nice and though not efficient by any standard, the place seemed to have a laid back atmosphere and she certainly fit that paradigm - but I can just imagine that it could be an issue during a busy hour. I'll leave it at that and ask that, if you go (which I do recommend), let me know how you felt about the speed/efficiency.
First up, we ordered a half-order of the beer battered onion rings. The menu offered Honey Mustard as one of the sides but they did not have that item in stock. But who needs dipping sauce for onion rings anyway? I love this style (as I if mentioned here many, many times before), and these rings were served up piping hot and they were very good. Not under or over cooked, they were just right!
The menu offers a wide selection from wings, to pizza, to other things (hence the name I suppose) like burgers and wraps and fish and such. But I had to go with an order of the Buffalo Wings. FYI, the Buffalo is considered "hot" on the menu, but they offer hotter variety as well as a wide selection of other options. You'll find a style to suit your taste buds, I'm sure. I big bonus and kudos for our waitress who brought out a stack of high quality napkins with the order of wings. As it would turn out, they were much needed and appreciated! If you can't handle a little sauce on your whiskers, you best order something a little less drippy. All in all, even though my preference is the drier version of wings, these were very excellent, not over cooked at all and the Ranch dressing that accompanied them had a creamy taste complimenting and cooling the spicy, yummy taste. I know many of you have your favorites - Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings (Blech, by the way), and others, but for the price, these were well done.
My wife went the Calzone route, ordering Canadian bacon, cheese and pineapple. For the price, $6.99, look at the size of that thing! In my opinion, it was better than the one we got from Rome's. The sauce was not too acidic (which sometimes can happen) and the crust was nice an mushy, not too crispity. I hate when it is hard to bite into a Calzone because it is too crisp. We'll see how it fares in the microwave at work tomorrow since there was way more than my wife could even think about eating.

Overall, we bought more food than we needed (which happens often when we are trying a place we haven't been t before) and that increased the overall bill at the end. The good news is, the $4.00 bottle of beer at Pizza Hut was just $1.75 at WPNT, and I'll drink to that. We could have easily shared the Calzone and been full, and walked out of the place for under $12.00 or $13.00, tip included.

I liked the place and I like the full menu. I was still a bit peeved at a few minor elements of the service but not enough to not give them another try. And I hope you'll do the same. I'd love to know how the burgers are and I'd also be interested in a report from one of our readers on the catfish or the pizza.

Have you been to Wings, Pizza & Things already? Leave a comment won't you?

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Eva says:)

There was a coupon in the mail circular for a buy one get one ... Hmmm with that in hand maybe we can go back and try something else ..

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