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Monday, November 23, 2009

Wooden Nickel Report...

My daughter had this cool idea last year for me to have some wooden nickels made as sort of a calling card for the blog. She went online and came up with the design you see here.
When I saw that the Wooden Nickel place was not only home to the world's largest wooden nickel, but also a museum of wooden nickels, right here in San Antonio, we just had to go!

Sadly, when we showed up, the world's largest wooden nickel had in fact been vandalized by little hood rats, and to be honest, I just didn't feel like writing about it. Really, it is sickening stuff to be honest. We went inside to order the special Silver Creek 78250 nickels and also learned that the museum was being renovated. We got the order a few weeks later and were pleased as punch with the product (and the price).

Anyway, my wife and I (okay, mostly me) handed them out to anyone interested, left them at restaurants we ate at and even left more than a few strategically hidden in various stores,we shop. And then they were gone.
Just recently, I ordered some more and today I stopped by to pick them up (so check those shelves at HEB - you might just find one). When I pulled into the place, it looked like a total construction site. And there was a guy on a ladder painting the big wooden nickel. Turns out, they are redoing the entire place and of course, refurbishing the world's largest wooden nickel.
I collected my batch of wooden nickels and then had a nice chat with Alex, the manager or owner of the place, I guess, and we talked about all the work being done. Inside, the place is being really remodeled - there were new walls going up and stuff was all moved around. Outside, of course the work on the wooden nickel, and Alex told me that they were adding some coating that would allow them to easily clean off the vandalism brought forth by the next set of taggers.

Alex also told me about the expansion into other printing services and gave me a few awesome T-Shirts to take home to the wife and kids. Just a thought here, but if you blog and ever want to hand out a business card with the name and link to your blog, why not do it with wooden nickels? I'm sure Alex can hook you up.


Pancho said...

Huh, I never knew that place was there. How in the hello did y'all find it, another S.A. first......

Dave said...

You would never just happen upon it. It buts up against a back fence of Ft Sam Houston and is a street or two over from the back of the SA Botanical Gardens.

Thankfully, the Internet has maps!

Buzzardbilly said...

Curmy and I love to take pictures of each other standing beside "world's largest" stuff (we have the apple, the stuffed alligator, etc., but we searched for the ketchup bottle to no avail and it still hurts me). Now I know where we're going if we ever get to San Antonio!

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