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Friday, November 27, 2009

Lunch Report: Smashburger at Bandera Pointe...

Regular reader and commenter, Maureen, tipped me off to the opening of our own Smashburger up near Bandera and 1604 on the Super Target side, and boy our we glad she did.
The place is your standard issue atmosphere with nothing really setting apart from any other place, aside from the huge painted smash, sizzle, savor on the walls. But it was clean, the managers were circulating the crowd asking if anyone needed anything and when you go, you will find like we did, that the burgers are great.

I have read a few complaints about the pricing scheme from others; $1.49 to add bacon, 99 cents for mushrooms and 49 cents for an extra slice of cheese. Basically, if you add on a bunch of stuff, the next thing you know, your burger is the price of a steak at Texas Road House. I have to admit, when I got the bill for five of us, it was about $53.00. Yikes! But I'm here to tell you, it was money well spent.
My son and his friend both had 1/2 pound Texas Smashburgers and one added guacamole. They both got the Smashfries which are tender and crispy fries tossed with rosemary, olive oil, garlic and other herbs for a great savory taste. They were fine, I suppose. More importantly, look at those burgers. It is clear that these are not frozen patties, and the "smash" part of the name is apparent. My son commented that he hadn't "had a burger this good in a long time."
My wife and daughter both went with the 1/3 pound BBQ, Bacon & Cheese which comes with apple wood bacon and topped with the haystack onions. Both of them were please with the choice. They also got the regular french fries. Smashburger doesn't have any honey mustard, but my wife did enjoy the BBQ sauce she used for dipping her fries in. Tastes like KC Masterpiece to me.
I went with the "Create your Own" plan, opting for a half pound burger on the multi-grain bun, American cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, grilled onions, pickles and jalapenos. I also paid a $1.49 to add bacon. My burger was outstanding. I did have to immediately remove the jalapenos because I just assumed they would be either pickled or at least grilled. I seriously don't know anyone who eats jalapenos fresh and crispy like that, but apparently, there is a market for it. Aside from that little miscue, the burger was stunningly wonderful, and worth the price.
Along with the burger, I got a side of the haystack onions. The onions come with that same dipping sauce you get when your order a Bloomin' Onion or Awesome Blossom. My wife and daughter both commented that the haystack onions worked well on their burgers, but attempting to eat them as onion rings, and especially attempting to dip them in the sauce is a bit awkward. And, they give you more than a single person should eat and feel safe to be in public. If you go to Smashburger, just share an order of fries, it is enough for two people.
When we were finishing up, we had five happy faces and my wife repeatedly performing here little happy dance and discussing coming back to try the Smashdogs. Hungry for something really good? Smashburger is a Tasty Treat!


Maureen said...

Whew! I'm glad you liked it. We went again on Weds. at around 3PM and it was not as good as the first time. There was an overwhelming grease smell that wasn't appetizing, but I think it was because everything was sort of idle at the time. Don't know if that makes any sense to you but it just seemed to hang in the air. The burgers were much greasier than before, but they really do have a good flavor. I prefer the thinner onion rings, and the fries are just OK--I do like the rosemary, though. So, I guess next time we go we'll have to make sure it's at a busy meal time so there is not any "idle odor"...LOL

Deb said...

We have a Smashburger also going up across the street from that Freddie's Freaky Custard place.

Completely off topic here, but what do you think of Old Tezel being permanently bulldozed? I suppose it's cost effective, but I'll miss our little shortcut.

Dave said...

what do you think of Old Tezel being permanently bulldozed?

Are you sure you don't mean Old Grissom? I hadn't hear anything about Old Tezel.

Four Dinners said...

Smashburger???? Good grief.

England is (about) 10 years behind the USA. We do follow faithfully you know...;-)

In another ten years we'll all be so overweight we'll be travelling in little electric wheelchairs as we won't be able to move otherwise.


Oh dear......

...mind you they do look very tasty...

M2 said...

It's funny, I just saw that SmashBurger opened the other day and I figured if anyone had done a review on it, it would be Dave!

I'm tempted to try it, but with Bobby J's just up the road it is tough going anywhere else nearby for a burger. Still, I think this one is worth a try.

Are you going to try that Vietnamese Pho VN Bistro at Braun and Bandera Road (in the Shell station) anytime soon? We want to try it as well, but figured we'd wait to see what you thought!

Cheers! M2

Dave said...

In another ten years we'll all be so overweight we'll be traveling in little electric wheelchairs as we won't be able to move otherwise.

And you'll be able to pull your little electric scooter up to the drive-thru window at the burger place of your choice and add to your expanding girth.

I promise you, it is only a matter of time before our unhealthy fat-dripping foods replace the greasy newspaper-wrapped fish & chips (I still crave) served in your fine country.

Dave said...

Are you going to try that Vietnamese Pho VN Bistro at Braun and Bandera Road (in the Shell station) anytime soon?

Yea... were gonna have to go a tad bit further down the list before we make it there. But I'll be sure to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that, Dave. I did mean Old Grissom.


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