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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Long Chris Marrou...

If you live in San Antonio, you may be worn out by all the clips and fanfare surrounding the retirement of KENS-5 anchorman, Chris Marrou. My wife and I are huge fans, and genuinely hate to see him leave the airwaves, but honestly, enough with the clips of Chris and the late Dan Cook doing the weather. Of course he is to be celebrated, but enough, already.

For those of you not in SA and for those of you who never tuned in to KENS-5 (by the way, we say Kens like a name as opposed to K-E-N-S. You can always tell when a celebrity or politician is just reading from a cue card and they say K-E-N-S that they have never actually watched), Chris Marrou was the star for 36 years (minus a brief stint in Boston). As far as I know, his newscasts were always the top rated in our market.

A lot of folks are happy that he is hanging it up. They totally despised his running commentary as he read the news stories, something I for one loved and will miss. Don’t get me wrong, Chris wasn’t running some sort of Glenn Beck hour – his comments weren’t political in nature. But he simply could not control the need to point out how stupid criminals were or raise an eyebrow when a bureaucrat was giving an excuse. A smile can say so very much.

We may have to purchase a case of Ambien, as I just don’t know how my wife is going to get to sleep without watching Chris Marrou’s Newsreel feature. Every night he would put together clips from the news in order to make a short, usually funny (but not that funny) two minute reel to close out the news. With Chris retiring, so goes the Newsreel feature.

We do know that his 10PM co-anchor, Sarah Lucero who has grown quite capable under the tutelage of Marrou, will go at it solo until Jan 4 when the younger version of Marrou, a guy named Jeff Vaughn will come to KENS from a station in Kansas City. Big shoes to fill. Really big shoes.

As much as we hate to see him go, we wish Chris the best for his new career – unknown at this point, but I suspect politics – and an enjoyable retirement.

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