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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My HEB Plus Trip: Chaps, Rage, Pillows, Love...

I've had a fairly dry-spell when it comes to pictures of goofy things. It isn't that I haven't seen goofy things and it isn't that I haven't whipped out my camera for pictures, but I have to tell you that my wife recently purchased me a new Canon Powershot A2000 IS, and I am having some issues with the power-up, aim and shoot that I was so comfortable with on my previous Canon. In the end, I've taken some pictures that I just didn't feel like posting.
Okay - here is an example of my issue. On Thursday, I was coming up Bandera Road getting ready to turn onto Grissom to head into 78250, when I see this awesome display of coolness walking up the street. How can you not appreciate a rodeo cowboy wearing shorts and chaps? I know. With my old camera, this would have been a shot suitable for People of WalMart (though he was not in WalMart). Anyway, I'll get it together and offer you better quality photos as warranted.

In fact, today, we had lunch with my mother-in-law then decided to hit the HEB Plus on Potranco at 1604 for an abbreviated version of our normal Sunday shopping. As we were heading north/east on 1604 before Potranco, this guy in a Silverado came up fast behind the van in the left lane. I know how I hate to be boxed in by do-gooders her want to go exactly the speed limit, so I can understand how the guy in the truck would be pissed having to go from about 80mph down to 60 or whatever the speed is. But I don't honk my horn and try to be a jerk about it.
This guy, a young kid from what I could see, got up on the mini-van and just blasted his horn. I know exactly what the guy in the mini-van was saying to his wife: I'm doing the speed limit and I can be in any lane I choose (or something equally obnoxious). Even so, the guy in the white truck was a jerk and we laughed when we turned off and saw that he was stuck at the light at Potranco. Slow drivers in the left lane suck, but people who tailgate and honk are just as bad.
We cut through the Kohls parking lot (I know, you can get a ticket for that) and I saw this little gem. Have you noticed people get more and more casual as the temperature gets cooler? For those of you up north, it was a biting cold 62 degrees here in SA. Anyway, the fact that this lady is in her pajamas doesn't bother me. What concerns me is, she seems to be returning pillows to Kohls. Is that even legal? Oh sure, those legal tags are still on there, but now I am concerned that if I were to someday go and purchase new pillows, am I going to be sleeping on something that somebody else returned? I mean, can you return underwear? I just can't imagine walking in to the returns line and saying, "Uh, yea, I got this here pillow that doesn't work. Yea, that's my drool, is that a problem?"
And finally, parked in the lot at the HEB Plus, this fancy paint job. You know, just yesterday I was watching Overhaulin on HD Network and I saw that Foose guy do a makeover on an old VW van. It was pretty awesome. I wonder if Foose had anything to do with this effort?


Albatross said...

How can you not appreciate a rodeo cowboy wearing shorts and chaps?

I've seen that guy around, and I thought those were chaps, too! I've felt the urge to buy him some pants, but I don't even quite know how to approach such a person with such an offer. I mean, what do I say? "Hey guy, I've noticed you're down to the last bit of material in your trousers, and I thought you might need a new pair. I hope you wear a 36 waist."


Then what if he doesn't want my pants? What if he likes his pants the way they are? That would be embarrassing to say the least.

Or what if he's one of those guys who is perfectly sane but is just dressing that way to see how many people offer him help. And then, if they don't offer him the right kind of help, he chastises them for making the wrong assumption simply because of the way he looks. ("No! I don't need pants! I'm starving, you idiot! How about some food?")

I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking about it too much. That light at Grissom can be pretty long sometimes.

Albatross said...

Oh, and that car? Awesome! I'm not sure what kind of competition kindness is supposed to win, but now I know I should love my "eveines."

Anon E. Mouse said...

I saw that guy near Jack in the Box on Bandera Rd last week, wearing the same outfit. I also wondered if he wore that "costume" because it was effective in getting donations, or if that truly was all he owned for clothing... I had the urge to give him some $$, but didn't, solely because of the above doubts...

Speaking of "constumes"... I posted a video on my website, that I dubbed the forgotten video, which I took up in Sattler, Texas on Halloween night. This gal walked by texting on her cell phone, while pausing to get candy from time to time. This was a family event, out in the public, but me thinks she carried this a bit too far. Watch for the gal in the black and white horizontally striped dress...


The original video, without the gal almost wearing the b/w striped dress, but features a dancing cow, 2 guys from Lost in Space, and a couple of "hot dogs" can be seen here...


Dave said...


Do you suppose she was dressed up as People of WalMart? I think I've seen the same outfit before!

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