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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lunch Report: Tito's on South Alamo...

I'm still sorta stuffed, what with the non-stop baskets of chips and salsa that arrived at our table as a large group of us got our drinks and had our orders taken at Tito's Mexican Restaurant on S. Alamo in the King William area downtown.
Inside the place, it is puro hole-in-the-wall with a bit of flair for the folks who love this part of town, like me. You may recall we did lunch at Madhatters not too long ago and there are just a host of other great places to eat in the area. Each of the places have started out as something else - a house or in the case of Tito's and old store, and the restaurant seems to have come in and built itself into the place. It adds character.
In the dining room we were seated in, they had old life magazine covers along the wall on one side.
Along the other side; odds and ends and a TV or two to catch up on ESPN.
The back of the room housed an interesting looking bar.
But most importantly, we sat down to the chips. I am so spoiled with the lighter, fresher chips and huge assortment of salsa's we find at ChaCho's, but admittedly, this is your standard for most Mexican places, and frankly, they were good. I really enjoyed the salsa but one of the diners with us thought it was too salty. He asked for and they brought out some green stuff and some hotter stuff that looked like ketchup but had a nice little kick to it. I was good with the regular, and certainly had my fair share before lunch arrived.
Speaking of lunch. We had a large group and most folks went the route of ordering from the express menu. I had the #6 Jalapeño Cream Enchiladas which comes with a crispy taco and of course, all the plates come with tortillas, rice & beans. The crispy taco was brilliant! I'm guessing they made the shell as the lunch was ordered and without adding any thing to it, it offered up some drip-down-my-chin greasy goodness (and I do mean that in a good way). The enchiladas were excellent and covered with white cheese and of course the jalapeños. I had small tastes of both the rice and beans and the beans were especially good. I'm sorry to report that I did not try the flour tortilla, simply because I had stuffed my face with the chips.
Another popular choice among fellow diners was the #2 (I know; I laugh just typing it). It is similar to the #6 but instead of being topped with the jalapeños, it has cilantro. A guy sitting across from me seemed to enjoy his.
The #1 is Cheese filled enchiladas topped with Texas Style chile con carne.
And check out the guacamole that came with the order of Nachos a lady next to me ordered. Good stuff.

I may have mentioned before that I am not a fan of the luncheon format that many of you are probably familiar with. It always seems like half the people have received their food and are finished eating just as the other half are beginning to eat. On top of that it takes forever to pay. I will tell you that in this case, the Tito's folks seemed to have a system down and I think we had a pretty decent pace going. You certainly can't blame the waitstaff for people arriving late or not being ready to order. Kudos to our waitress who handled the crowd quite well.

Walking along King William and looking for a bite of Mexican? I don't think you'll be disappointed with Tito's. Got a better suggestion in the area? Tell me about it or leave a comment below.


Albatross said...

Wow, that looks goooooood.

frankvw said...

I'll have to try this place for lunch some time. Another good place not too far from here is Trevino's Mexican Restaurant at 2119 N I-35 (I-35 and New Braunfels). The fact that it's in an old house enticed me to go in and try it one day and I've been going there since. Everyone I've told about it at work has liked it too. It's the only Mexican Restaurant I'll go to for their hamburgers (big, tasty, although they can be a little too salty sometimes). Eat the El Diablo Burger(with 3 types of hot peppers) and get your picture on the wall.

Caroline said...

dave, glad you tried tito's. the cilantro cream enchiladas are to die for. One word of caution to everyone. In the summer, it is blazing hot-very weak AC units. Make sure you get there early for lunch and if you are looking for a place to hang at night, just know the place is packed and very hot/humid. Nonetheless, the food is still enjoyable. ;)

Tanya said...

OMG I used to live in San Antonio but have moved to Pittsburgh and these pics are making me DROOL! I miss good ol' Tex Mex food so much! We have Mexican food here but it's just not the same!

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