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Friday, January 11, 2008

Lunch Report: Rib House...

A co-worker asked me last week if I had ever heard of the Rib House. Ever heard of it? I love the Rib House, I just hadn't been there in quite some time, even though my wife taunts me with tales of good eats every time her and her mom stop by for some of their famous ribs. The idea was in my head and by Friday, it was a done deal, we had to get over to the Rib House so I could get some of their catfish.

I know that sounds odd, but having never tried the catfish before, I had this big plan to get some!

This restaurant is located just north of what is now Port San Antonio, formerly Kelly AFB, on Old Highway 90. If for some reason you look at the Google Map and it has the place located in Castroville, just ignore it. The address is 757 Old Hiway 90 just west of 36th Street. If you can't see or feel a big C-5 flying over head, you aren't there.

So we get there right at opening and commence to inspect the menu. I have to confess, I had this sudden unsettling idea that if I had the catfish, I was missing the entire point of going to the Rib House. I mean, they don't call it the Catfish House, right? And this is why I have problems at restaurants. Too many options is a recipe for disaster.

There were three of us in our group and after serving us our tea, it was time to actually place the food orders. I opted to go last hoping that in the remaining few seconds, I could make my mind focus on the benifits of catfish over ribs.
The first guy ordered the two meat lunch - beef ribs and pork ribs and for sides, yams and fried okra.The second guy went with the brisket (which I have had many times before - delicious) and green beans and Cole slaw.

It was suddenly go time for me. I had the sides down for sure. I was going with the green beans and potato salad. As soon as I was about to say catfish, my mind made some sort of left turn at Albuquerque and my mouth announced, "two meats, beef and pork", all on its own. As the guy left, I almost felt like I was having an out of body experience because I really had catfish on my mind. Really.
But I was not disappointed at all. First, I am a huge fan of Bill Millers green beans. I love them and would eat them daily. The green beans at the Rib House do not have the same pica-factor (they aren't spicy hot), but they have a great home made flavor that I truly enjoy. Order them and you will agree. The potato salad is good - I wouldn't turn it away and I surely licked my plate clean. The ribs are simply to die for and I don't mean maybe. I like the beef and the pork. One of our group said that he liked the beef a little more than the pork but followed that with, "It was like the difference between an A and an A+". Hard to go wrong with that.

No offense to the fine people at Tony Roma's (I haven't been in years), but the Rib House puts them to shame. Shame, as in give me back the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I spent there over the years thinking I was eating "The Best".
Now, before you gather up the entire family reunion or want to take your seventy nearest neighbors over for a little feast, you have to understand that there are some limitations. First, there is no parking to speak of. Second, the restaurant itself is not very big. I don't know how many they can hold, but it can't be more than 30 at a time. Having said that though, you can get it to go.But if you have a small group of 4 to 10, I'd say they would be able to hook you up, just get there early.

So as soon as I got back to work, I whined over and over to my friends that I should have gotten the catfish. I'm guessing there is going to be another trip in the near future.
Bottom line: Tasty Treats. If you even think you like ribs and you don't try this place, you are missing out. Say Howdy to Miss Taylor - she'll be there waiting for you.


Sapphire from C-D said...

Looks good! Thanks for the review!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I can't believe you passed up fried okra! Shame! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dave: We were on a mission tuesday and found ourselfs over by hwy 90 west and there it was The rib house.
Stopped in for lunch and ended up with dinner to go. The Ribs were the best I have had in my 20+ years here in san antonio. The tenderness of the meat,the perfect seasoning and a sauce that sticks to everything it touches. I was imeadiatly remembering the VFW post in ST Louis on South Lemay Ferry road. I had the lunch plate and wanted some for later so they kindly fixed me up with a Rack and sauce.To bad you missed the fried okra I didn't and it is good!

Guy D.

Dave said...

Hey Guy, I'm glad you found the place to your liking!

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