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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dinner Report: 99 in Nashua, NH

I had to make a quick up and back to New Hampshire via Detroit, so that meant an opportunity to feel cold, see snow and eat at a chain restaurant I had never heard of before called Ninety Nine.

First, if you have never flown into Detroit here are a few pictures for you. I didn't see any landmarks of note, but you might see something to get excited about.Oh, if you find yourself in the vicinity of little kids on a flight, you should hope for a well prepared mommy like this lady. Her kids made a few sounds every once in a while, but she had them pretty entertained most of the time. Interestingly, when we hit some pretty bad turbulence, I looked over at the kids and they were just as happy as they could be. The lady in the row behind them was freaking out! It was bad (the worst I've ever experienced) and in fact, the waiter in first class actually fell and spilled a nearly full glass of wine all over a few first class passengers. Ha Ha.The airport in Detroit is very nice. I'm not here to put down the San Antonio Airport - afterall, it is being renovated into something good (I hear), but I sure wish we could do it up nice. This place is obviously a bit more spread out and they have a spiffy tram overhead. Plus, the architecture was pretty cool. I really liked this fountain that had the ol' jumping water trick.We did lunch at Chili's Too, but the one in Detroit is just like the rest of them, only the service was horrifically slow, so it wasn't worth pictures or further discussion. Oh, I had my usual: House Salad with Ranch and chili.After an uneventful flight to Manchester, NH, I was again a bit jealous of the airport that seemed to be laid out pretty nicely. We have mariachis in SA; the folks here have an old fire engine and some NH Caucasus T-Shirts.The ride to Nashua was fairly uneventful. The the snow is all over the ground, the roads are clear and we didn't have to use the rental car as bumper car. Oh, the well maintained highway is a toll road. I guess there is a lot of them up in the north.

Okay, on to the dinner report.
We ended up in the Best Western Granite Inn, a place that seems to be half under construction. No complaints about the room. I've certainly had a lot better and experienced far worse, so, one night is fine. Of course, I hoping that they knock off the construction by the time I go to bed.Attached to the hotel - in fact below it it seems, is the restaraunt called 99.

99 had a warm and friendly feel to it. The menu was your standard Chili's - Applebee's - TGI Friday's fare, but maybe a step above. My co-worker had a Wild-bleu chicken and spinach salad and some French Onion soup. He was pretty pleased with it. I went with a Philly Cheese steak-like burger.
I was especially pleased with my burger because when I asked for it cooked medium, they really did cook it medium. I love it when a restaurant is confident enough to serve the burger with a fair showing of red and know that they aren't giving you a serious ecoli situation. And it was a fine burger. The Cole slaw was standard. I didn't lick the cup clean or anything, but I was pretty pleased.

I'd suggest you give this place a try, but really, unless you find yourself in New England, probably not a big chance of making it.


Anon E. Mouse said...

This explains why you missed the HOA board meeting on Thursday, 01/17, if you were up north freezing your hiney off in the land of ice and snow.

PS: Windchill got down to around 27 degrees this morning (Thursday) in San Antonio, while actual temps stayed right at, or above, freezing. It is 38 as I write this note, heading downward toward freezing once more.

Dave said...

Yep - just pulled into the neighborhood a few minutes ago and wondered if there wasn't something I couldn't get to from the comfort of a really tightly packed airliner...

I got up Thursday morning to 14 degrees. Hardly jacket weather!

Did I miss anything from the meeting worth reporting to the assembled readers?

KeithAlanK said...

It always surprises me when I find another SA blogger. I like your layout, writing style and pics of hot food.
Go Spurs Go!

Dave said...


Thanks for your comments - I've been checking out both of your blogs and love the photography as well as your insight. Thanks for stopping by!

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