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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let's Rodeo, San Antonio...

I don't do Cowboy Breakfast because I have a job. I'm sorry if that sounds as though I don't have the spirit.

In fairness, my wife and I do go to the rodeo every year on Valentines Day, not to see any concerts or to actually watch the rodeo events, but we make an afternoon of looking at livestock, shopping inside the Joe & Harry Freeman Coliseum, and happily paying Spurs game rates for beer as we walk around collecting free samples from eager vendors and radio stations. Oh, and we dig the onion blossoms.

For the first time in nine years, the rodeo folks decided to run some cattle down Houston Street to get some local attention, and you better believe that we were in place, camera in hand and ready to celebrate the cause.

In case you couldn't make it, here are a few pictures of what you missed from start to finish as if you were lined up like we were on Houston and Main in downtown SA.
As we readied ourselves for the big event, it was pretty exciting to imagine that we were just steps away from the famous Bob Lee, Air Conditioned Hotel on Houston Street in downtown SA waiting to see some cattle. Oh, and as a note; I always complain about the lack of places to pee downtown, so kudos to the Riverwalk Market & Deli who served up some piping warm coffee at a fair price and a clean restroom when my wife needed to make a sprinkle.I have to tell you, the city had their act together. we parked and walked over to a good place to stand (toward the beginning of the route - not the end by the Alamo) and watched as police officers manned the intersections in preparation for the cattle drive. Soon, city crews came by and quickly blocked off the streets with barricades so that cars would stop and the cattle would stay on course. Likewise, rodeo ladies in their official jackets and beehive hairdos readied themselves for the drive, and crowds of bystanders eagerly waited for the big event.Moments later, we could see the cowboys (and girls) coming down the street. Let's not freak out here. We have all seen cows and cattle and such, if not in a zoo, at least in the meat section of our local HEB; but I have to tell you, this up close and personal business is pretty entertaining.
And the cows...
At one point as I was busily taking pictures, one of the cows took an interest in me and seemed to wander my way. I looked up at one of the cowboys on his horse and gave him the international sign for, "Holy Shit" by saying, "Holy Shit!" He recognized my anxiety and simply gave a quick, "Whoop!" and the cow moved along.
In all, the 35 mostly well behaved cattle made their way past us in a matter of minutes on their way to the Alamo where I can only assume that a big crowd slaughtered them, then ate them.But from our vantage point, we got to see the rest of the event to include horse riders, waving big rodeo flags and showing off beautiful horses, boots, and hats.Up next, the clean up crew came - first in the form of some guys with shovels...then, always a crowd favorite at parades... the guy in the street sweeper.Finally, what would a rodeo be without a rodeo clown or two?

Our total time from start to finsih was less than half an hour, but it was something you just don't see everyday, at least here in San Antonio.


Sapphire/Maureen said...

Looks like fun, and gets a Tasty Treats from me.....I'm a beef lover. I would have been at the Alamo end for the BBQ. J/K, I know no animals were harmed for the making of this blog.

KeithAlanK said...

Here's my coverage of the event:

I was also on the south side of Houston Street, but up next to the Majestic Theater.

I'm adding a 78250 link to Views Of Texas--might increase your traffic.

Rox said...

I love cows. they don't have any long horns here :( wish i could have been home for that

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