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Monday, January 7, 2008

Key Word Search Report: What Brought You Here?

This is really goofy and probably not worth mentioning, but I have to laugh whenever I go to the Sitemeter page (you can see the little logo down at the bottom of the page) and look at a few statistics. Because I'm a member, I can see the keywords that lead readers to the Blog.

So say you lived around here and you wanted to know something about the weather, you might do a search on "weather" and the Zip code, "78250" and sure enough, one of the pages that pops up is this one.

There are lots of search phrases that people use that, somehow, make them look at this Blog. Here are just a few of my favorites.
The funny thing is, even though some people did searches on things that they aren't going to find the answer to here (Aggie Booger Eater notwithstanding), most of them come in and have a look around anyway, and I appreciate that.

So how did you find this place? Send an e-mail or leave a comment!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I followed your link from the WVSR on the Aggie Booger Eater situation and am eternally grateful I did!

Dave said...

Yea. Nothin' says "Click on this Link" like "Aggie Eats Booger on National Television".

Thanks for stopping by!

sapphire/maureen said...

I "stalked" you from C-D. I live in the same neighborhood, so it's been really fun to read one of my peep's blogs. :-)

Keep 'em coming!
One thought--the word verification can be quite tricky until one has had their morning dose of caffeine. That's just cruel.

Dave said...

Well who says I don't respond well to complaints? I have turned off the word verification to make it easier for the caffeine-deprived.

Course, as soon as I start getting comments about a large some of money in Nigeria that I can share as long as I submit a good faith check for $10K, I'll turn the verification back on.

Then again, I don't get too many comments, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Sapphire/Maureen said...

Oh, you didn't have to do that! I was only partly serious--it's just it says WORD verification, and most of my words have a vowel or two, and don't contain numbers. I can do WORDS without caffeine, but QDTHJ3NX58S is a little tough. I'll just suck it up, though--I'd hate for ya to cash one of those checks, run off, and quit blogging!

Albatross said...

Haw haw! Jennifer Broom boob job! Though I've probably thought about it while watching WOAI, I can honestly say I have never typed that phrase in a search engine!

Seriously, though, I was enticed here when you first left a comment on my blog. I'm glad you did, because your work has been very entertaining. Keep up the restaurant reviews!

Anon E. Mouse said...

I came because that durn female HOA director keeps complaining about your Blog being linked to her HOA website, even though apparently the other directors seem to approve it being there, and even appointed you to that official Neighborhood Watch Coordinator.

I stayed because you are too funny! Although it is obvious sometimes that you really need to get a life. :)

Dave said...

Needs to get a life. Yea, hard to argue that.

Anonymous said...

I also found you site after someone (sapphire) posted it on city-data.com forum for SA.

And I gotta check out Jennifer Broom's boob job, I don't watch too much TV news as I drown in CNN all day at work.

Nice site, if you see some damn fool out in a blue open Jeep during freezing weather, that is probably me. Smile and wave as you think of what an idiot I am, especially considering that I also have a car...

Cheers! M2

Dave said...

CNN all day long. Yeesh! Must be an Intel guy or a Salesman at Conn's.

Appreciate your visits and enjoy your informed comments over on City-Data. I have learned quite a bot about my own part of town from the people there.

I'll watch out for the Jeep and giggle if it's cold!

Anonymous said...

Dangit Dave, I've been a fan of your stories since the 3rd floor. Reading this blog just takes me back to San Antonio and makes me really despise it here in "Sooner Country". Keep a writin' and I'll keep a readin'

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