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Friday, January 4, 2008

GNWCIA Meeting Report: Nothing to Report...

I would have a full and complete report (with one or two minor inaccuracies I'm sure) about the meeting of the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association meeting which took place last evening, but I didn't attend.

I could easily blame my wife for not being ready, but truth be told, we have been watching our DVD of Lonesome Dove so we can reacquaint ourselves with the characters before diving head first into Comanche Moon, the final prequel of the series which is scheduled to be shown this month.

As to the meeting, I have it on good authority that we didn't miss much.

But I wouldn't want to waste your time here, so I'd like to offer up a few random notes to keep you entertained until I have something worth reporting this weekend. If you will indulge me, I'd like to make note of a two local web pages that I link to down at the bottom of the page, and hope you will take a look.

  • Strange in San Antonio: Have you ever watched the local news or read the Express-News and just shook your head at some of the silly things that happen? Well if you want to skip those venues and just get to the strange stuff, check out Strange in San Antonio. Albatross, who frequently comments here, is quick to pick up and comment on the quirky things that make our city what it is. I check it out daily. Give it a try.
  • City-Data: I just recently (okay a few months ago) became acquainted with this interactive forum for discussing life in various cities. You'll find San Antonio well represented, as well as perhaps your own home town if you aren't located here. I have found that several forum participants live right here in my area and actually read this blog. More importantly, you can ask questions about various topics and you will find a bunch of friendly people eager to answer your questions. Check it out and join today.
In other news, you may be aware that like many folks in this area, I drive down Culebra Road to and from work every day. A lot of people hate it, but as a guy who carries a camera with him at all times, I find it to be a pleasure. So, herewith two quick situations I spotted.

First, if you are driving north (west) on Culebra between Potranco Road and Ingram, you KNOW that the far right lane is a turning lane onto Ingram Road. But, a lot of people like to drive all the way up that turning lane as traffic begins to stack at the stop light, then butt their way in.
This is one such incident I captured a week or two ago. Please don't do this. It makes everyone else mad.

This incident happened just today. I happened to be driving on Culebra between Potranco and Ingram again, and this time, I'm stopped at the light (of course) and this gem is parked next to me.
If you look closely at the picture, you can see in the ladies lap, she is holding a little baby, laying down in her lap. Oh sure, she has her seat belt on, but what about the kid when some dumbass trying to cut from the turn only lane cuts them off and the guy has to slam on his brakes?

Anyway, that's all. Nothing else worth reporting today. I'll be sure to attend the next GNWCIA Meeting and get you some exciting and informative meeting minutes then.

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Sapphire/Maureen said...

I don't see the baby, but I'll trust you. Guess that's her airbag. It's so hard to believe that in this day and age people can be so stupid and irresponsible.

And welcome to C-D. It's fun over there, and very informative. You've been a great addition!

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