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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dinner Report: Lone Star Grill...

Friday evening, my wife and I took a short trip up Tezel Road to check out a place called The Lone Star Grill. It's in the same location as an old catfish place I never seemed to get around to going to. So close - so very close and I let it slip by. Anyway...

This is a fairly new place in our area and it came highly recommended by friends who had done breakfast and had burgers.

We tried it in the evening and found the place to be nice and clean, a friendly staff and atmosphere. I enjoyed that there were multiple TV's and we really liked the Texas Theme (get it? Lone Star Grill?).
Anyway, both my wife and I had the chicken fried steak which the girl who took our order suggested. I had mashed potatoes and green beans as sides and my wife had corn and mashed potatoes with her order. The green beans and corn were directly from a can with no seasoning or effort to make them unique or even restaurant-like at all. The mashed potatoes were fine as was the gravy that came with the potatoes and the chicken fried steak, and the Texas Toast was excellent!

The chicken fried steak was definitely not homemade. My guess is it came from one of those frozen bags in counts of 50, and they either tossed it in a microwave or possibly in an oven. Please don't get me wrong, I understand that not all restaurant meals are prepared from scratch in the kitchen. This came across as something from a school cafeteria (if memory serves). The texture and appearance left a lot to be desired.

Our meals were okay. We did not leave in a huff or decide we would never return - in fact we liked the atmosphere and the people seemed very friendly. Have you ever wanted to really like a place? Anyway, we probably will give the Lone Star Grill another shot.
I have heard that the burgers are great so I will try that next time.If you do go, skip the bland green beans and corn and opt for something besides the chicken fried steak.


Saphire/Maureen said...

I recommend the grilled chicken sandwich. It's good, as are the onion rings and fries when I'm behaving badly. The burgers are OK--my husband and son both like them. And like you mentioned--the people are very nice, and you just WANT the food to be good. I really hope they make it there and that corner gets revived somehow. It was pretty vibrant when Albertson's was there, and it's such a shame for everything to sit empty.

Alfonso said...

I agree that the Texas atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff are wonderful. It is a great place to relax and enjoy a sports event with good food, beer, and friends. On my first experience I asked about the chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken. The owner happened to be in listening distance and was nice enough to demonstrate his breading process. I actually love both and can’t decide which I like better. Of course, my favorite is the Lone Star Cheeseburger with all the trimmings. I think these burgers are as good as Chris Madrids! I also hope the restaurant makes it. It is close to home and has a wide variety of food items. So pass the word around.

Dave said...


As to the breading process, I'll have to take your word for it. I have never been invited back into the kitchen of a restaurant to watch how my dinner was cooked, but I'm sure this place is just trying to earn a good rep.

As to the burgers, I have heard very positive comments from several people and please be assured that my wife and I will give this place another try. And I'll let everyone know how it goes!

Thanks for the comments.

M2 said...

I gotta say your assessment was right on target! We went by there for lunch today and I have to say the staff is probably some of the best we have ever come across! They are extremely friendly and hardworking; it just too bad that the food is only average. I mean it's not bad; but it's not good enough to make you want to rush back from more. I had a chili burger and my wife the garden salad. One of my boys had a hot dog and the other the chicken strips. They thought the food was good as well; but again, nothing to make us want to hurry up and eat there again!

And if I get a hunkering for a good burger, I would rather spend a few more minutes and make it over to Bobby J's in Helotes. Their burgers are unsurpassed in my book, and their fries are the best in the city. I even like the better than BigZ!

Cheers! M2

Gaby said...

Was driving down Guilbeau just the other day and saw the big "FOR LEASE" signs on the place. Too bad, they were nice people and the food was pretty good. Great tortilla soup.

Anonymous said...

Yep, drove by today and saw a 'Tink-A-Taco Coming' sign posted. Like we need another taco joint!



Anonymous said...

I just went to Subway (3 doors down from the Tink-a-Taco on Tezel) for lunch and noticed that Tink-a-Taco is now open. Parking lot was packed (I did not check to see if they were giving away free food). Does anyone know if they serve beer and margo's??

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