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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Trip Report: Kingsbury, TX...

The last stop on our trip to Luling, TX was the small town of Kingsbury located just west of Luling and a few miles from Seguin on Hiway 90 toward San Antonio. I only make note of this small blip on the road because I was interested enough in what I saw to turn around and go back for a few pictures.As we left Luling, the ride along Hiway 90 to get back to I-10 was very nice. Lots of open space and nice ranches filled with cattle and the occasional oil derek. There seemed to be a never ending piece of land or farm house that my wife would like to move into for retirement. I have to admit, even in the dry conditions of January, it looked wonderful.Out of the blue, we were upon a small town consisting of just a few buildings and businesses. The old post office (pictured at the top) certainly caught my eye, but it has been replaced by this newer version - though probably a little more consistent with modern times, not nearly as interesting as the original.

But there was something more to be seen and I turned around to get a quick look. It was some sort of display of junk complete with fancy hand made signs and oddities spread all across the front of what appeared to be an old school.
As I made my turn to go back for a few important pictures, I noticed there was a kid or young man perched upon his carport in a small little chair observing the traffic as it passed his spot in the road. Perhaps sunning himself on such a nice day, or perhaps they don't have cable TV in Kingsbury, and he was just killing time. Who knows. He looked at us as we drove up, but I suspect that he has seen more than one car do the double-take to see the old antique filled lot next to his house more than once; and promptly paid no attention to us at all as I snapped a few pictures.

It seems as though whoever owns this property has a sense of humor if nothing else.

I suppose you could buy anything you see, but on a Saturday afternoon, we didn't see a salesman - unless the kid sunbathing on the carport was waiting for us to make an offer on something.

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