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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lunch Report: Fat Cowboys

It makes no sense to drive all the way to Atascosa County and not stop someplace new to eat, so following our trip to Christine, my wife and I got off Highway 16 and headed East on Highway 97 from Jourdanton to Pleasanton.

I confess, I have never been to Pleasanton before and I was surprised to see how city-like it is. We stopped in the Tractor Supply Co. so my wife could purchase a few discounted Christmas items - 75% off!
Once done, I had thoughts of driving back to San Antonio so I could throw some fajitas on the grill but it was already getting to be mid afternoon, and stomachs were growling. So, I clicked on the ol' Garmin and saw a restaurant called Fat Cowboys. How can you go wrong?We whipped into the place and I found the parking situation to be entertaining. They have a few handicapped slots and a specially marked, Sheriff Only slot.You know I love this sort of interior design - where friendly animals can observe you while you eat them, along with nostalgic items of interest for observation.We looked through our menus contemplating how we might get an appetizer or perhaps try a steak or something when a group of teens seated at a table near us got their orders. Several of the kids got these huge baked potatoes loaded with things and I pretty much made up my mind, I was going to try that.

I will tell you that a few of the items on the menu were quite pricey. I don't recall exact prices but the Catfish was at least $15.00 and that is more than I'm willing to pay for something that may or may not be good. But don't let that stop you - they have lots of reasonably priced meals to choose from.
My wife ordered up a chicken sandwich with fries. She took about a bite into it and was already making her signature "Eeee-Yum" sound. I didn't try the sandwich, but I did inspect a few of the fries to confirm tastiness. My baked potato was huge. I ordered mine with chicken, something I would have never thought of, and of course, asked for it loaded with whatever else they wanted to throw onto it.

As much as I love baked potatoes, there was just too much of it and I ended up taking almost half of mine to go. It was good eatin' though.

One thing I noted about the menu was that they made note of the fact that they need time to make your order right. I expected we would be waiting a while considering the place was mostly full. Surprisingly, our food was out quite quickly, and that made me pretty happy. I'd certainly recommend this place if you happened to be in the area but like many other places we visit, I wouldn't drive an hour just to try it out.

Do you have a place you would drive an hour just to eat at? Tell me about it.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your potato, but the picture just doesn't look so tasty. LOL.

I graduated from college about an hour from where I grew up/live now and there is one Mexican restaurant there that I would definitely make the hour drive to have their food. It's called Chilli Willi's in Huntington WV.

Dave said...

Chilli Willi's - it sounds delicious!

I must confess, my poor photography skills did not do the baked potato picture justice. Okay, admittedly, even in person, the bowl of potato did not look much more appetizing than it does in the picture. But it was good eats.

After sitting in the fridge for the rest of the weekend, I took what was left to work for lunch today and I have to tell you, it made for a damn tasty leftover. Of course I sprayed about three feet of some heart-smart butter gimmick on it.

And I added some beef and chicken fajitas on it. That helped.

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