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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Luggage Report: Where is Mine?

This is the beautiful view flying into Washington Dulles International Airport, presumably somewhere over Virginia. Little bit of snow, nice landscape.This is the view of happy travelers at Dulles, walking about with their luggage, eager to get on with their day - perhaps check into a hotel and brush their teeth.This is the baggage carousel at Dulles where United was supposed to put my luggage after it came on a direct flight from San Antonio. You might note that no luggage seems to be coming out. That's because most of the other people on the direct flight from San Antonio to Dulles all had their luggage, but for some reason, my colleagues and I, all who arrived over an hour before our flight, got on our plane without delay, but our luggage didn't.

These things happen I suppose. I did get my luggage (and my toothbrush) just after 5AM.


Maureen said...

The last 2 times I flew--Lexington, KY and LAX, I showed up but my luggage didn't. On the LAX trip, it showed up the night before I was headed back to SA. Talk about pissed. 5AM must be a magical time, though--that's when mine showed up in Lexington.

Anon E. Mouse said...

In 2001, I flew to Trinidad and Tobago, and our luggage arrived safely, but 2 other passengers didn't get theirs. Oops, only 2 flights into the islands each day? No problem, mon, simply wait 24 hours until the next flight arrives at 8pm. In the meantime, enjoy your visit, and by the way, no Wal-mart or Target on the island to shop at. We all chipped in and loaned out shampoo, deodorant, etc. but they had only the clothes on their back until the next night. Owie!

I prefer non-stop flights myself, getting ready to fly to DC in March, but will fly SWA into Baltimore (BWI) and then catch a ride with another person who will be arriving 2 hours after I do, but he's got a rental car. Hopefully my luggage will arrive safely, but that's why I always carry extra prescription stuff in my bag on the plane. But with the new regs, that's a major pain in the butt now as well.

Don't you all feel so much safer?

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