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Saturday, December 29, 2007

HD TV Report: Pickin' and Eatin'...

So I was flippin' between the New England Patriots vs NY Giants historic (so historic that they had to show it on NBC and CBS in addition to the NFL Network that those of us who have a quality provider get as part of our regular package) and the Valero Alamo Bowl between the Texas A&M Aggies and JoePa's Nitanny Lions from Penn State.

My wife screams with delight as she sees an Aggie Fan perform a full nasal extraction and consumption in a matter of seconds on live TV!

Say what? I said.
"That guy picked his nose..."
"Then he ate it!"

So I said, "Maybe he was just rubbing his nose and then was rubbing his mustache".

"Nope", my wife says, "we have a DVR. Rewind that booger-eater and watch what happens."
Sure enough. Aggie dude picks his nose...
Then eats it.

NOTE: Apparently, we weren't the only people to see it. This poor guy is quite the topic of discussion, here and here and this is really good!


Sapphire said...

OMG!! I haven't had my coffee or eaten yet this morning, so I should have known better than to click on your link. I think I threw up a little in my mouth......

Dave said...

Sorry to spoil breakfast!

I'm thinking if I were this guy, I'd approach Southwest Airlines about a commercial. They show this guy doing his pickin and eatin routine, then he looks up at the Jumbo-Tron shown on all the screens at the Alamo Dome, and then the announcer says, "Wanna get away?"

Sapphire said...

LOL, yes, sounds like an awesome Southwest Airlines commercial! And I don't think you're a cyberstalker--I stalked you first! This is a great blog, by the way. I'm just an amateur myspace blogger, but I may have to go bigtime!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been laughing for about a half hour. LOL.

Dave said...

Yea. I saw it live, watched reruns, and have looked at it on YouTube and still can't stop giggling over it.

Kids eating boogers gross me out.

A full grown adult going for gold and stuffing a biggin' down his gullet is just strange enough to keep me glued to the screen.

Anonymous said...

I know the price of food is outrageos at a big time sporting event but what a way to save a buck.

Guy D.

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