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Sunday, December 2, 2007

North Star Mall Report: See's Candies...

My wife and I took a short drive up the new and improved Loop 410 over to San Pedro to do a quick in and out at North Star Mall so we could visit the See's Candies kiosk which opens each year for the holidays.

First, I have always avoided NSM simply because for someone like me who tends to dress down on the weekends, I always feel a little self-conscious, almost as if I have driven into a gated community without belonging there. I know that sounds silly - there is no income requirement to shop at North Star and certainly no written dress code requiring a jacket and tie, or at minimum, something fashionable, but seriously, Valet Parking at the mall?Grandma looks for the valet ticket so she can go do some Muddin'

On the other hand, I can certainly see how it might be convenient for older folks who just want to get inside to spend their grand-children's inheritance without having to circle the lot for a space to park.
Anyway, I do like the big letters spelling out the mall name and of course, those boots are classic. If I could get over my socialite-phobia, I would probably visit more - and maybe even give The Shoppes at La Cantera a shot. (Nope - I still haven't been there).

On the bright side, I find great joy in seeing ugly people, fat people and astonishingly terribly dressed people walking through North Star Mall because it gives me a feeling that the mall is being integrated with normal people, and of course, it makes me feel like I'm not the object of all the pretty people's ridicule. I know, I probably could use some counseling.

But to the point of the story. My wife and her mom are huge fans of See's Candies and for some reason, the don't have a store her in SA. Anytime I travel through LAX or Las Vegas, I have to buy a shopping cart full of candy to keep in good graces. Luckily, See's opens a kiosk in North Star in November and December to save everyone a trip out west, and to save on the price of shipping (the Internet has everything for sale).
So, the first thing you should know is that they have free samples. That alone is worth the trip. When my wife showed the slightest interest in a candy she had not tasted before, the clerk busted out a sample lickity-split and it was like lunch time at HEB Plus!Anyway, we aren't into sweets that much, but it did cost $75.00 just to get out of there. Maybe it is a good idea they only open shop two months a year.


Anonymous said...

Now my Side :)
In All fairness I did not buy all 75.00 worth of chocolates for me. 1/2 were gifts. My mom ,my sister and my daughter. If you like chocolate at all I highly recommend See's . MMMMMMMMm I love me some great Chocolate :)


Shorty said...

I used to live right by North Star Mall a couple of years ago, right about our first great flood. I used to avoid it like crazy around the holidays. There were accidents almost daily it seemed like. The only redeeming quality it had was the book store. Is that still there? I've been to the shops at La Cantera...my sister in law stopped in at Tiffany's to get something fixed. The only store I really saw anything of was the Starbucks and we were treated so rudely, not by the employees, but by what seemed to be a really impatient probably regular. I'm glad he was gone by the time my brother found out about it, because he wanted to pop him one.

Anonymous said...

what is the cost to lease a kiosk at la cantera or northstar mall???

Anonymous said...

I found your blog while searching for where the See's Candy Kiosk is located at Northstar mall for the Holidays. (I'm originally from San Diego) it's not the Holiday's without it! Can you tell me which entrance it is closest to? Thanks in advance!

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