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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hot Chocolate Report: GNW Visit with Santa...

My wife and I took a drive down the street to the Lodge of the Great Northwest to see what was happening at the Hot Chocolate Social. Talk about a happening place. We had driven by earlier to see people lined up just to get in for their picture to be taken with Santa.

Santa is a pretty tough character - the fact that he could withstand a big kid like me sitting on his lap. Hopefully, the elves in his workshop can assist with a knee replacement for him later!

As my wife made her way around enjoying the hot chocolate and socializing with neighbors, I snapped a few pictures of the Great Northwest Sounds in between sets of merry melodies.

Total cost to enjoy this outing? Free!

What a great treat to motivate even the grumpiest Scrooge like me into the holiday spirit!


Blonde Goddess said...

The last time I sat on Santa's lap, he groped my ass.

I don't tell the Santa at the mall what I want for Christmas anymore...Now I just write him a letter.

Dave said...

I'm happy to report that our Santa was not feeling frisky at all. Or at least toward me!

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