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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sid's Christmas Extravaganza: Enough Spirit for All of Us...

I shan't bore you with the unsavory details, but my wife has long considered me to be a Grinch when it comes to Christmas. I confess readily that, though I like the idea of giving gifts and certainly appreciate a stuffed stocking and Christmas dinner, I don't seem to share the same excitement that I did as a child. I do enjoy the watching The Movie every year, but suffice it to say, guilty as charged; I'm not a real Christamsy kinda guy.

But my friend Sid, known here as our Mission Trace Correspondent, and proud Papa of Baby, the Australian Swan, is totally into the Christmas spirit, so much so that my wife and I dropped in to inspect his hard work and creative touch in decorating for the season. First, I do get occasional e-mails asking about Baby, so here she is, all grown up. She is doing fine and Sid reports that since Baby's father has been "fixed" he is not as aggressive toward her. Everyone seems a bit happier in Mission Trace as a result. Onto the festive decorations. You have to appreciate anyone who has not one, but multiple Christmas trees, and places them throughout the home. I mean, I think my wife gets into it by going all out in our living room and dining room. Sid has his place decked out! I submit that anyone can run into Wal Mart and grab some festive decorations for the house and slap them on a coffee table; it takes a real artisan to design and hand craft the array of festive displays that Sid has produced. My wife was simply impressed with his skilled use of a glue gun and wired ribbons and of course the eye for different themes suitable for the style in the home. I enjoyed the display of ornaments and statues including a shelf full of Santa's of all design. One particular Santa is a clown helping a little girl decorate a tree. Very festive and in fact, a collector's item for sure. You can see the creative eye in fashioning his fireplace mantel with bulbs and such - we thought it had somewhat of a Russian flavor to it. Honestly, Sid has left no room in the home without at least some form of fun Christmas decor. In fact, even the restroom had a festive display - perfect for when you are standing there taking a pee. How Jolly is that? We had a great visit and in spite of all the Christmas cheer, I must tell you, there were no threats to bust into caroling. For that, I was glad.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but then you have to store this stuff all year long as well. :)

One of my favorite Christmas movies was the one with Hugh Grant, called Love Actually. Filmed in the UK, it has a series of small inter-related stories that somehow link back together, with various characters related to each other somehow. It's worth renting from Netflix, etc., in my opinion.

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