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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lunch Report: Taco Mart is Off the List...

Years ago when I was in the military, an office full of us guys would make the lunch rounds along South West Military Drive and the usual places outside of the old Kelly AFB. Brenda's Burgers when it was close to Military and Five Palms, and a few other places around there were regular stops.

Without question, the group favorite was a place called Taco Mart at 1402 Quintana Rd near what we used to call East Kelly. There would be groups of 6 or 8 of us hitting that place twice a week for the Mexican Plate and the people there were fast in service, the price was cheap and the food was outstanding, as you would expect for a place called Taco Mart.

It had been years since I had been to Taco Mart and a buddy, one of our old group, and I decided to do lunch in there today. Only problem is, it isn't called Taco Mart anymore.
Taking up residence in place of Taco Mart is "Mi Guadalajara #3". Well, I don't know about the #1 and #2, but #3 is no Taco Mart.I will tell you that the place has spiffied up a little. The walls have been painted and they now have a nice flat screen mounted on the wall playing Novella's for the lunch time crowd.

You may notice that the restaurant seems empty. And with good reason. For a white guy like me, the Mexican Plate is a standard that needs to be met. If I can tell that your rice and beans don't cut it, how do you expect the locals to respect the place? Oh, and can someone explain to me the idea of the taco that comes with the Mexican Plate coming on two soft, raw corn tortillas, vice the standard crispy shell? Hell, if I want some meat and tomato chunks on two floppy soggy corn tortillas, at least have the decency to fry them up and make it a chalupa.
Though we were both hungry, my buddy and I sort of picked at our plates and finally admitted to one another that the nostalgia of returning to old stomping grounds was pretty much ruined by this over-priced imitator.

It was hard to even get a chuckle reminiscing about the time he walked in to the Men's room only to find our waitress sitting on the toilet. He was stunned but she calmly pulled up her pants, washed her hands and said, "It's all your's, Hun."

Those were good times. Todays mediocre lunch plate was not worth half the $8.00 it cost and we regrettably marked this impostor off our list. No Tasty Treats - not even one!

Perhaps we'll do Brenda's soon.

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