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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Park Report: Cathedral Rock Nature Park...

It has been an especially ruff week for our big dog, Gracie, now that the little dog has gone to live in New Jersey. Right off the bat, doesn't that sound like a big lie? I mean, if your parents told you that your dog went to go live in the country, wouldn't you think there was some violence involved? Well, in this case, Panda did go to New Jersey and we have been dealing with an extra needy Gracie this week.To be honest, I think it has less to do with missing the little dog and a lot more of, wondering if we are going to let her come back.
Anyway, we took Gracie for a much needed walk just a minute or two from our house at Cathedral Rock Nature Park. In case you haven't been, this is where the city took a huge unused space that is up against a dry creek bed that floods quite often, and turned it into a wonderful series of natural walking trails. I am especially pleased that they made most of this place wheelchair accessible. No, I'm not a wheelchair user, but I figure if you can make your way through this place on one of those electric powered devices, I ought to be able to waddle my fat ass up and down the trails.Just a skateboarder minute away is Oscar Perez Memorial Park and sadly, some of the same disrespectful graffiti that plagues that well intended space has made its way to CRNP. Too bad. Regardless, it isn't a bad place for a walk or to take your dog for a little outing.If you are reading this from outside of San Antonio, don't worry, this dead, dry look in the trees is normal. Today was such an incredibly beautiful day with the weather a perfect mid 60's or so. The wind was so slight that when we heard some dry leaves on the trees rattle, my wife started searching for a snake or a gopher or anything that might attack, but it was nothing more than leaves easily blowing from time to time. If we were to be attacked, there would be plenty of clean-up ready for us.
After a nice walk along one of the easier trails (you could really spend an hour or two here if you wanted), we brought Gracie back and gave her a quick drink of water.Then, we violated all rules of common courtesy and decency and allowed her to take a few trips down the slide. Hey, there were no other kids using it.


Sapphire said...

I don't even know where this park is, and I live in the same neighborhood as you. Where is it? I mean, I see the address, but can't place it, and I know I've never been there. Nice to see that it's dog-friendly, too! (oh, and we don't use wheelchairs either, but we're equally as pleased for waddling purposes!)

Dave said...

If you head toward Bandera Rd from Tezel on Grissom Rd, this park is located on the right hand side just past Old Grissom Rd at the intersection of Misty Way. There is a stoplight. If you turn left, you go into Misty Oaks subdivision, if you go right, you pull into the park.

You have probably driven right past it without noticing - not a lot of fanfare.

Sapphire aka Maureen said...

Gotcha, thanks! Yes, I've driven by it every day practically for the last year and a half. Totally missed it.

Anonymous said...

In my defense Gracie wanted to go down the slide :). We went twice and she loved it :)

chocHollyK said...

Okay, is it my imagination or...
on the stand that showed the wheelchair access emblem, with graffiti scratched in the wheelchair area....
Did not the printing across the top say:
" wash u ass "
??? or are my eyes deceiving me?

Dave said...

Yes, it does say "wash u ass". I have pictures of all the other variations at different markers but figured if I posted them, it would either encourage the little bastards that defile the signage, or just show how really immature I am.

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