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Saturday, December 1, 2007

HEB Plus Report: My Tilapia Caper...

My wife and I made a short trip into the HEB Plus over on Potranco and 1604 to grab some needed provisions this morning. I was feeling a tad bit queezy from stuffing my face with three different types of breakfast taco's this morning (Carne Guisada with cheese, Chorizo & Egg and Country and Egg if you must know), so I totally walked right by the main cooking stage because I just wasn't in the mood for samples. I know, that is tough to imagine given my history of making HEB Plus a regular feeding frenzy.Anyway, I got to the smaller cooking stage and the lady was just about begging for people to try some of her tilapia with lemon caper sauce. It smelled really good and since I'm a good sport, I figured I could shovel down a bite without having to purge myself for room.
I'm telling you, that was some good stuff right there. But to be honest, I had no idea what a caper was and when I commented mostly to myself, "What the hell is a caper anyway?" the lady behind the frying pan laughed like it was the funniest thing she had ever heard.

Whatever. If you like capers or just want to figure out what they are, get over there and try a sample. Just act like you always have capers with your fish and nobody will laugh.

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Shorty said...

I must admit I really have no idea what a caper or even a tilapia is. The only time I've heard of capers is when I'm reading some British something or other. The only HEB plus I've been to is the one on the Southside and I haven't really haven't had a chance to look around as much as I would like.

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