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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Wing Report: Lea's Recipe

A while back I wrote here about how I had made my very own BBQ Wings. One reader, Lea, was nice enough to send me the recipe that she and her husband use for the purpose of stuffing their gullets full of the popular snack.

So, having waited the obligatory several weeks before recreating the mess in the kitchen, I had the plan to try Lea's brown sugar and soy sauce based baked wings during the Cowboys-Eagles game.

In case you don't get Newsweek, let me just break the news that the Cowboys lost, no doubt a direct result of Tony Romo having Jessica Simpson sitting in on the game and sending in the plays - such greats as "Throw it to the man in the green uniform." I like Jessica Simpson. I'm sure Tony Romo likes her. But let that goofy blonde (no offense to other blondes) go make a movie or sing at a concert, and keep her ass away from Tony for at least 24 hours prior to each game, and until at least a few minutes after the 4th quarter. Nuff Said!

So the problem was, I was trying to make wings and watch a game and make a second set of wings using the recipe I had reported about here.
So, Lea's recipe is simple. Get yourself some wings.Whip up a mixture of equal parts Brown Sugar (my wife quickly raises her hand and says, "That's me!") and soy sauce. In this case, I used a cup of each. Take that mixture and pour it over the wings and then let them marinate in the refrigerator for about half an hour. I ended up using a gallon bag instead of a glass pan. This may have proved to be a mistake later. It turns out that this particular recipe results in really sticky wings that you have to turn a few times.
So you may be able to look at the picture of my wings going into the oven and figure out the HUGE mistake I made.
As my version of Lea's wings were working on the first side in the oven at 350, I was preparing the other wings so I could fry them up on the stove top. And I was making a huge mess as well.After 30 minutes in the oven, I turned the brown sugar and soy sauce wings and saw the enormous spillage that was occurring in the oven. I might mention that at this point, the Cowboys were already losing. And for whatever reason, I kept trying to watch the game in the living room while cooking in the kitchen at the same time.I think in the end, I overcooked the wings in the oven and the wings in the frying pan. But, you can't over cook chicken, and I went through with the sampling of each. I really enjoyed the brown sugar and soy recipe Lea sent me and in fact, my wife gave them the thumbs up. That gets her the official Tasty Treat and a big thanks for the tip. Oh, in case you were wondering about my faux paux in the oven - I should have cooked these puppies in a pan, not on a cookie sheet. The mixture of soy and brown sugar sort of bubbled up and resulted in a little spillage in the oven. Not to worry, I was able to get the mess fully cleaned before my wife could see that I had defaced her baking area. Thankfully, regular Christmas Cookie baking continues unabated.

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Anonymous said...

i think that next time you should use a grill..outside...lined with foil..and its that easy...crinkle and toss...just like romo...plus propane would give you that sweeter taste...sal..lute..thats how you gett her don..

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