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Thursday, December 20, 2007

GNWCIA Meeting: My Notes...

My wife and our son and I all made the short trip down to the Lodge of the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association so we could enjoy another fun filled, excitement packed meeting of the Board of Directors. Thankfully, someone made coffee and people like my neighbor Ruby brought in some delicious Christmas cookies, otherwise it may have been a wasted trip.

Nothing to see here - move along now...

Okay, they did have the auditor's report provided by a member of the Goldklang, Cavanaugh & Associates Certified Public Accountants firm. There were no major zingers here and the gentleman was kind enough to answer questions from the peanut gallery. I have a copy of the presentation and I'm guessing if you are so inclined, you can get a copy from the office. Really, I'd just wait for the movie.

But, as just an aside, there is a line item for Allowances of Doubtful Assessments. What that means is, there are people who have not paid their annual HOA fees and in fact, they are so overdue that the account has been deemed "doubtful". Doubtful as in getting that money from the homeowner who owes it to the GNWCIA who it is owed to. The amount is only $266,814.00. I know, chump change. But seriously, I agree with those who say, if we aren't going to pursue it, just write it off and be done with it. Why list it and feel miserable about it?
Okay, so after the report from the CPA, it was time to start the meeting. As has been the format with the meetings I've attended and as indicated on the agenda, they start with a Moment of Silence then the Pledge of Allegiance. Then they hear from people wanting to address the board and finally, the meeting is called to order. Once the meeting has been called to order, someone is supposed to move that they adopt the agenda (If you are keeping track, of the 8 items listed on the agenda, adopting the agenda is number 5.), then they start the new business.

So I point this out because during the moment of silence and the pledge, one of the members of the board, Director Pucci, chose not to participate. This created a visible stir amongst members of the audience and other directors on the board.

Before we all run out and get a rope or call for the McCarthy Commission, I must tell you that while I prefer to stand and go along with the assembled mob, I can't seem to find anything in the Bylaws of the association that explains why we start the meeting off with a moment of silence or the pledge. The association is not a church, a school nor a government entity, so I have to wonder where this little ceremony started.

Please don't misunderstand, I gladly say the pledge of allegiance whenever I get the opportunity in the same way that I proudly stand for reveille and retreat when I am over at Lackland AFB. These are things I do out of pride and habit. But I'm not about to tell the next guy (no pun intended) that he has to do it or should do it.

Would I be upset if the board didn't have a moment of silence or say the pledge? Not at all. But since someone is offering, why not go with the flow? Or, more importantly, why not make the board put it in the bylaws that it be required if everyone else feels so strongly about it?

Anyway, it wasn't a big deal; just awkward to those of us lemmings who can't be bothered to ask why we do the things we do - just because. NOTE: Please check out the Comments Section below - Director Pucci responds, revealing my inept journalism skills.

On to bigger and better muckraking.

One resident got up to thank the board for the recent cut in the yearly assessment and to let the board know that many of her neighbors appreciate the way the board is coming together recently. Bravo indeed.

Another resident had some concerns about the delivery of Passages, our neighborhood newspaper. It seems that the delivery of said publication has been spotty at best. I do recall not receiving it at least once in the last several months. Anyway, she was concerned about application process, do we have enough information about the kids doing the delivery and do we have back-up delivery boys. All valid concerns. The Community Manager is addressing this issue and informed the board that a plan is in the works.

Not to be adversarial (because after all, if these kids are getting paid to deliver the paper, it should be delivered), but out of curiosity, I asked the board if there was any thought of reducing the printed number of the paper and directing people to read it online, but making it available in hard copy format at the office for those who like to read it the old fashioned way. I must tell you, Passages has adorned the upstairs library on more than one occasion in my house if you get my meaning, but I just wonder how many people have it delivered to the door and promptly toss it in the garbage?

Director Doherty was very quick to point out that many residents enjoyed receiving the paper and not all folks are into the computer age, and as a service they are paying for, they should not have to go to the office to get it. Agreed.

Someone (I think Director Pucci) Chairman Besing added in that they could even offer a delivered version to those residents who opt to receive the hard copy but simply not deliver it to those people who opt not to receive it.

Who knows? I'm not really some kind of environmentalist but why add more paper to the trash can (or the recycle bin) when many people could read it online and be done with it? Just a thought.

And with that bit of excitement, the little party was over for the peanut gallery and the board moved into the executive session where they talk about the real issues.


Blonde Goddess said...

Oh Lord I'm a terrible citizen! I've never been to a city meeting or a Board meeting of any kind...unless Little League or a school meeting counts.

I need to add this to my list of things I need to try to do next year.
Man...I'm running out of years...crap!

Dave said...

Yea, but if your gonna do it, just make sure you take a camera and a pad of paper to take notes! It adds to the excitement for everyone.

Anon E. Mouse said...

It was that chair dude who suggested a unsubscription for those those who preferred to only receive the electronic version.

And did you hear anything about the Holiday Lights Contest winners? Any photos available or a list on-line that we can print and go look at?

Anonymous said...

You know I was engrossed in reviewing bills for the checks I was asked to sign that I didn't realize the Pledge was being said until it was almost over. I guess I should stay after and write 100 times I will pay attention in class

Guy D.

Dave said...

Well, this little revelation just ruins any controversy that may have been stirred up by my little blog.

Don't you just hate it when the press can't take a minute to just ask the right questions?

Anonymous said...

As in everything the perception of people as to what may or may not have happened is different from the reality of why something did or did not happen.

Guy D.

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