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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lunch Report: Bill & Rosa's KK Steakhouse & Saloon

You build up some kind of hunger out here, and following our short trips to Castroville and Hondo, my wife and I were ready to try out a little snack at a place I had read about in the Express-News a few weeks earlier, called Bill & Rosa's KK Steakhouse and Saloon. It seems that this restaurant re-opened after some floods that caused quite a stir in July. Oh, in case you are wondering, the KK is for Keich (twice), Bill and Rosa's last name. Yea, I don't get it either.But what I do get is a nice atmosphere, great service and excellent food. And as soon as we walked into Bill & Rosa's, we felt at home. Our waitress guided us to a comfortable table where we could enjoy the view of dead animals mounted thoughtfully on the walls overlooking my steak, combined with memorabilia from twenty years worth of flea markets. The place is a hoot in my mind, and I wouldn't change a thing.We took a quick gander at the menu, but as it turns out, the special posted on the board at the entrance and repeated by heart by our waitress were the deal of the day.I went with the steak, complete with a house salad, green beans and twice baked potato.And my wife selected the chicken fried steak. Yes, we traded bites, and her chicken fried steak simply melted in my mouth.The thing you need to understand about the food here is that, it is really home made and not some sort of chain restaurant developed concoction with way too much spices and overdone excitement. They aren't trying to make the ten o'clock news with how "different" the vittles were. Instead, this is like a good dinner at your mom's house (assuming your mom is an awesome cook).And just like your mom. Okay, just like some mom's, they do make pies fresh daily.Really, if you want to take a short day trip out of town, Bill & Rosa's is worth a shot. They get several Tasty Treats for today, and I'm hoping to try the catfish next time - you just know that is going to be good!Oh, one last thing: This is certainly something you don't see everyday, out here anyway.

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