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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lunch Report: Sweetwater Brewing Company...

My wife and I had a short layover in Atlanta with less than an hour before boarding a flight to Daytona Beach, and it occurred to us that short of nuts, there would be no vittles ever consumed on a plane in the history of traveling, ever. So, we popped into one of those overcrowded bar/restaurant places by our gate called SweetWater Brewing Company. I had never heard of this place before, but for airport fare, it wasn't bad.

We both had a fish sandwich and I got a little cup of potato salad that had a great taste. Some people can really screw-up a potato salad, but this was done very well.
The cool thing was, as packed as this place was, it took very little time to get our order, eat and back to our gate to board.I know that Americans are getting bigger (okay, fatter), but whatever happened to those days when the airline waitresses were svelt, slender, model-like creatures?The aisles certainly aren't getting any wider. And here's the deal - I'm a fat guy so I can't really throw stones, but I think that this is a sign of something nefarious taking place. Work with me here. Remember in the old days when you actually got served a hot meal on a flight? And the waitresses were thin?

Notice that now you don't get much more than two bags of peanuts and a half a Diet Coke, yet the waitresses are getting bigger? My theory? Someone is eating all those airline dinners...

I'm just sayin'.


Invinoveritas said...

Hey Dave!

Enjoyed reading your observations and lookin' at the walk-along picto-mentary. Very cool.

My daughter and her family recently moved to San Antonio, we've been there a couple times to visit. Great city.

Best to you, bud, thanks for the trip.


Dave said...


Glad you enjoyed the ride... We are pretty proud of our fair city and hope your daughter and family take a liking to SA as well.

In the mean time, we are visiting another awesome tourist town (no offense to either city), St. Augustine, FL. I'll write about it more this coming week.


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