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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Table Trays in the Upright and Locked Position...

My wife always takes some of those Clorox Wipes with her when we fly so she can wipe down everything we might touch on the plane. Now I know why.Is it showing off that you are thin and limber enough to be able to lift your legs up over your head and walk on your ass cheeks, or is it just a little unsanitary to demonstrate it on an airplane?What a nice husband; I was going to ask him to rub my feet next, but the flight was getting ready to land in Cincinnati and we all had to place our trays into the upright and locked position...


Anonymous said...

Eva says:

Eeeeewwwwwyuckyyyy... First let me hold back the spew.I forgot to send you with some wipes. I hope you asked the flight attendant for one in front of that nasty lady. I am so grossed out right now . Good thing I wasn't on the plane with you or I would have said something. Like hey "Mrs. Nasty do you put your feet on the kitchen table at home" Nice manners.. Than I would have gotten kicked off.The next persons pretzels are gonna taste like feet..Where the hell are the US Marshals on that plane.

Anonymous said...

man...maybe she was on her way to the olympics..one of the gymnastics girls..i would of asked the flight attendent to TELL her to kindly remove her size 8s off..and given her the wipes...

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